Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Laundry room shelving: paint supplies.

I continue to procrastinate our basement renovation.  I'm paralyzed thinking of it.  I funnel that into new projects, rationalizing that I can't prepare to move everything out of the basement unless the other areas are optimized for storage.  As the laundry room is directly off the basement, it was an obvious place to start.

The room is large, which is awesome.  We're working how to best use all of that space, but that's meant piles of things in corners for the past few years.  The collection of paint was an easy place to start.  Gallons, cans and samples started spilling out in front of the freezer and required sorting every time I needed to find a paint.

In the meantime, the suitcases didn't have their spot.  They were hanging in the middle of the room, in a pile. 

I grabbed some 2x4's, 1x3's for shelf slats, and used a previously under-utilized corner to make a shelving unit for the copious amounts of paint I didn't realize I owned.  Seriously.  So, Steph, when you say you want a colorful end table, I have over 20 paint samples.  

Taking the paint off the floor allowed the suitcases to have their spot back.  There's still some miscellaneous in this shelving - namely those wire baskets.  I imagine a chunky wood counter in the laundry room (much like our office desk), and the wire baskets might be useful as storage underneath that.  Until then, everyone, furbs included, have their travel boxes in one place.

This room has potential.  That empty space next to the dryer, the area under the windows - it needs to percolate.  I'm imagining that wood counter extending along the dryer and under at least one window so the laundry sorter can slide under. 

I digress. The shelves are deep, holding four gallon paint cans in a row and all of my spray paint, sample pots, and miscellaneous supplies within eyesight.  They were housed in boxes before, requiring an excavation before locating.  

The space below will evolve.  In the basement renovation, I plan on storing items here, but once that's complete, it may house more tools that don't like the cold garage in the winter.  

I love the multifunction of this area.  The paint supplies are easily accessible, but it also supports the DIY drying rack, tying the space into the laundry room and really making every surface functional.  I can't do anything about that morning sunlight though.  Harsh. 

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