Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DIY photo backdrop.

Several weeks back, we threw a surprise wedding anniversary party for Z's parents.  I remember itching to blog about some of the projects leading up to it (I obsessed over the invites), but in true form, as soon as it was over, I was on to the next project.  That's why many posts are missing pictures and glossing over details - I'm a serial deleter and rarely focus on anything but the project while we're in it.  

Many of the party details were personal and thoughtfully executed with the help of my mom and aunt, but I did make a photo backdrop that I thought quite fun.  Apart from the party being held in a fire hall and requiring decorations apart from the walls and ceiling, Z's parents love photo booths.  Er - I think Z's parents love photo booths.  As I consider it, who doesn't love photo booths? To that point - they enjoy photo booths at weddings as evidenced by many of the cute strips printed and hung on their fridge or leaning on their mantle.  I looked into renting one for the party, but the price tag was exorbitant.  Most people probably know this.  I did not.  I wasn't satisfied with scrapping the idea and tried to find a DIY version.

At a particularly boring training, I start brainstorming and sketching.

After conceding to PVC, Z picked up the supplies.  In predictable fashion, he wanted to use 2x4's.  Considering the dimensions and store stock, it was 4 10-foot lengths of 1.25" PVC, two elbow joints, and 6 T-joints.  I had a picture of this all assembled, but surprise parties stress me out.  I was convinced I would randomly text the picture, ruining everything.  It was deleted.  

I cut the pieces of PVC to length with the miter saw.  It was incredibly easy.  I do caution on breakdown - don't stand over the PVC while trying to yank it apart.  I have a scar on my chin developing.  

Before the party, I picked up two white plastic tablecloths and silver and gold fringe.  Along with packing tape and scissors, those were the supplies.  We started by covering the PVC frame in the tablecloths.  I wanted a solid background in case the fringe was spotty.  Then, I alternated and layered the fringe, allowing a 3-inch overlap.  Setting the numbered balloons in front was the final touch.

The result was better than I anticipated.  My one critique was that I wish I had thought to make it wider.  Rather than a fun photo booth (it was lost in translation due to a lack of props, I suspect), it became a backdrop for pictures.  This was another great use, it just wasn't wide enough for larger groups.  I'm writing this late at night, so I didn't ask around to use pictures of people, so here's Z.  Image four more of him side-by-side.  With that face? Terrifying.  That's all that would fit, and even that would be to the edge.  

I'm going to need to brush up on my photoshop skills to repeat the background in other photos, particularly to block the chairs and exit sign.  

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