Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Closet renovation: phase 2.

I had anticipated the closet renovation to only have two phases.  The third is going to be whatever we decide to hide it behind.  Spoiler alert: it'll likely be curtains.  Custom doors aren't something I'm trying to get into, and I've been procrastinating a door build for the office cabinet for at least four months.  The curtains probably won't happen for a couple months either - much to debate on color, fabric, curtain rod and how to convince the cats that curtains aren't fun things to play in.

First, we've finished the finishing touches.  That included staining the pieces of flooring that were hidden by the first closet, sealing those pieces with poly, then finally painting and attaching little strips to cover the plywood edges.

I applied the stain with a t-shirt, and the results were much better than in the office.  

This is the office.  I applied with a brush, and the application was clearly too heavy, even when I wiped it immediately.  Most of it will be hidden though, and the front facing pieces aren't too bad.

Lastly, Zach cut pieces of 3/4-inch wide strips and I painted then before gluing to the raw plywood edges.  We found them in the section of Lowe's with the crown molding, and had originally planned to use on a record table build.  That's taking backseat to the closet. It took the closet from this:

To this:

It's probably something best appreciated in person, but the finishing work really made it feel custom and fully built in. Apart from making everything white, it created a little lip on the edges, making everything feel clean and crisp.

These are weird words to describe the building details of a closet, but alas. We couldn't be happier with the IKEA Pax system these last couple weeks and it's adaptability to alternative builds.  Next up: curtains, and maybe drawer pulls? 

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