Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wedding accessory shadowbox.

With the new year, we've focused in on certain rooms with the goal of finishing.  We're good at tackling big projects, but the finishing work - trim, caulking, painting - generally drags as I think I can fit it in between other things.  In reality, I never really want to do it and it's forgotten until we're showing someone the space and it's embarrassing (read: blog).  

During our room by room purge, we made a list of things to address in each space.  The office had a lot of those, including many little crafts.  I was keeping pieces to craft all over the desks, partly to remind myself to do them, but also because storage wasn't great.  We're still working on the storage piece, but now our wedding accessories aren't sitting under the TV.

I started with a shadow box framed ordered from Amazon.  It came with a foam/cork board, so it was ideal for pinning these little pieces.  

I covered the board in the printed burlap we'd had at the wedding and pinned on our accessories with straight pins.  It was one of the fastest crafts ever.  

Within a day, the thing jumped off our bookshelf.  I was sitting right next to it, nothing startled the shelf, it literally jumped over a rock and fell three feet.  It still boggles my brain. It was split beyond repair though (there were metal pieces in the corners), so a new shadow box was in order.

Trusty IKEA.  Trusty Ribba.  Again, I covered the backing in the burlap.  This time, it was a piece of MDF so instead of the pins pushing through, it was more of a fit into the fabric- like pinning fabric together rather than pinning the pieces to a mount. 

Then I put the frame back on the same cursed shelf behind the same aforementioned rock Glares on this glass are crazy. 

So far, so good. 

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