Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roman shades from mini blinds.

With so many themes of love around the Internet, it's only right that I share my love for blackout curtains.  I lined the curtains in the guest room and one set of curtains in our bedroom, so the logical next step was the office, which doubles as another guest room with its twin bed.  The true logical next step would probably be the second set of curtains in our bedroom.  I am debating those, I'm just afraid I would never wake up if it's too dark and comfortable.  

The office had roller bamboo shades, or shades that looked like bamboo.  Lots of texture, but virtually no light blocking.  I really had to search my pictures for a before shot here, and then nearly missed the shade because it virtually disappeared in the day.  Ignore the bad cat.  It was disappointing, but predictable, because I bought them quickly and was looking at style over function.  

All that was before blackout curtains proved to actually work.

I wasn't about to line the see-through roller shades with blackout fabric because, again, style, or lack thereof in this case.  My go-to long curtains wouldn't work in this room because of the desk.  My only option was roman shades.  I think.  All research on this topic was done in my head, so there may be another great option out there that I don't know about.  Please don't tell me yet though, I still want to bask in the glory of these curtains for a little while yet. 

I knew I would make the curtains because I've never seen an off-the-shelf curtain fabric that I've liked.  Again, I spend very little time looking at those sorts of things, so my lack of options are directly proportional to the lack of effort and time.  I poked around on the Internet and figured I would follow Martha's instructions.  As I usually do, I left the web page open on my computer for a week, my computer slowed from lack of shutdown (but how would I find the page again otherwise?) and I finally forced myself to read the tutorial.  It was going to be hard.  The comments were discouraging, and with the aforementioned lack of patience, it was out of my wheelhouse.  After more searching, I found a great tutorial on Honestly WTF, which I honestly don't read enough.  I can't decide if I intended on that pun. 

I followed the tutorial exactly, making only a tiny adjustment at the end in order to wrap the fabric around the mount when finally hanging these on the wall.

At first, I also left the roller shade underneath.  I thought I'd like the layering, but on a skinny window, it was too much.  It's also worth mentioning that the roller shades stopped rolling up.  It became a manual roll, and when underneath another shade, that's more work than necessary.  Those were removed, so I have another wood filling, sanding and painting project in my future.   For posterity purposes, here's a terrible picture obviously taken at nighttime.   

The fabric is from Minted.  I'm obsessed with that site, and launched myself at it when I learned they were starting fabric options.  It's more and more difficult to validate pillow purchases, but a window shade application was new and exciting. 

I'm so pleased.  Sew pleased? The tutorial required more precision than I usually exhibit in matters of sewing, but it was necessary when my fabric was exactly two inches wider than the window.  I'm extremely proud that I didn't mess this up.   

That being said, the measurements are precise and the shade is the exact size of the window.  The lack of overlap means there's a bit of light that sneaks through, but even still, the impact is impressive.  This is mid-morning, with the other window open to cast enough light to take a picture.  I even pulled the bottom of this window shade up a bit to get some more light.

Now to address the glaringly obvious need for crown.


  1. i feel like the crown comment is a dig

    1. Au contraire! A dig would name you and ask why it hasn't been done.


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