Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quick industrial shelves.

It finally caught up to me and hit me in the face one morning: our bathroom wasn't us. I'm not sure why it took so long - probably the distractions with other house projects, but the realization was timed perfectly with my Pinterest notifications exploding with people repining some shelves I had pinned two years ago.  I hate Pinterest notifications like this and was going to use this venue to also figure out how to rid myself of them, but now decided it might be necessary because I forget what I pin. 

The room was lacking metal. That, and the bulb vases as the only decor were too delicate.  We love metal, particularly when paired with wood.  We have the stump side tables with hairpin legs (which I don't believe have made it to the blog because I cannot locate them here), the metal light fixture over the dining table (also not on here), the kitchen shelves and the campaign nightstands in our bedroom - for their little bit of metal.  It's interspersed throughout the house, but not in the bathroom.  The bathroom only had a wood frame on the mirror and that natural element wasn't offset with the metal element we so enjoy.

After trip to Lowe's, and then Home Depot because Lowe's didn't have all of the floor flanges, we were installing.  First, I had taped strips of painter's tape to the wall to figure out the width and spacing of the shelvesThen we installed the floor flanges with anchors.  It was probably overkill because we installed each screw with an anchor, meaning each pipe is held with four anchors and each shelf then with eight, but it helped to quell Zach's anxiety, especially when I didn't allow brackets to attach the shelves to the pipe.

The shelves are 10 inches wide by 15 inches long.  We picked up a six foot piece of 10-inch wide whiteboard at Lowe's for a couple bucks.  The pipe totaled $60 at Home Depot.  We found that Home Depot and Lowe's were cheaper than Ace.  We also grabbed the anchors while shopping for the pipe to make sure the screws and anchors were compatible with the sockets in the pipe.  All in all, about $80.  To seal the shelves, I gave them two coats of teak oil that I had on hand (but originally grabbed at Lowe's).  It's used on boats, so it'll do well to protect the wood in a humid bathroom. 

After giving the teak a day to dry and soak in, I loaded up the shelves. You know I was counting down the minutes.

The print is from Two Twenty One.  I played around with the sizing and colors though to fit better in the frame.  Everything else was in the bathroom before, with the exception of the egg crate.  Those hold my earrings and were in the bedroom.  This is better reminder to accessorize

The shelves are centered between the mirror and the tile of the shower.  This means they're offcenter above the toilet. 

It's probably not so much that they're off center but that the toilet is off center.  Removing the toilet though, it's obvious they're where they're supposed to be.

I'm obsessed with the addition of these - it's much more convenient now to provide for guests (you don't have to rummage for toilet paper!), I think the plant will be happier, we added some art, and the shelves themselves add our aesthetic.  It's not a view you ever see (I was stretched across the shower, my back in the corner, curtain pulled overhead to get this angle), but I like how everything works in the vanity area now.  I need to paint the cupboard still.  I also moved the candle after dwelling too long on the towel catching on fire.

The shelves don't extend beyond the toilet tank, so you're not in danger of hitting your head or bumping them.  The wood sits on the pipe, and because of careful leveling, double checking, and then triple checking, they're stable.  If you were still concerned, a little pipe clamp, wrapped around the pipe and secured to the bottom of the shelf would hold it in place.

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