Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Floral shape update.

I wasn't going to let another week pass after publicly announcing an attempt to write more often. 

I wrote this post about making a papier mache shape into a 3D floral letter last spring.  I have the same caveat now as I did then: in my head, I really like this idea.  I'm still undecided in reality.

I don't know if this is the success that I promised in that post, but this is what I've let survive for at least a month.  I filled in the letter, kept it tighter, and wrapped the sides with gold tape I found in the Target dollar spot.  I need more of it, stat.  Totally not functional, but really pretty.

For now, it's in the guest room.  I decided I would nit-pick it apart if I saw it daily.  Seeing it occasionally though - that's worked.  It makes me smile when I see it, not reach for it with ripping fingers. 

But I still don't know.  We're still percolating if this was ever a good idea. 


  1. WHOA!!! I was just telling Daniel that story about the squirrel nut candy dish, and I ended it with "Come to think of it...that is the only squirrel item I have forced on Zach that I have not seen around the place...they must have gotten rid of it!!! Good thing they only cost me $1 and have no emotional attachment."

    And there appears that little guy (part deux)!!!!!

  2. bwahahaha - gang's all here! he is on the short list for the nut to be repainted ... it looks like a brain to me. lucky for him, the short list is years long, so he'll hang for a little longer.


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