Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bedroom rug.

It should come as no surprise that I'm really into rugs.  I've fully bought into their power of changing and defining a room.  And when we flipped the living room rug, it was even better.    Unsurprisingly, I'm constantly, passively searching for rugs.  My original intention was to move the living room rug to our bedroom, replacing the living room with a larger rug, potentially the striped IKEA from the basement.  The office was always floating as an option, too. None of this was urgent though, as the rooms are largely unfinished, and we have plans for built-ins in the living room, making the space more difficult to imagine.  These run-on sentences are probably making this hard to read.

I also had my eye on vintage rugs.  Reading more on their merits, I'm now convinced that if they're proven to last so well over the years already, they'll last well to a beating underfoot in the house.  I even started working Zach toward the idea, because the cost difference is significant.  It doesn't help that our living room rug was a steal.    

Are you picking up where this is going?

Just before the Christmas holiday, and just before we left for Pittsburgh, I bought a vintage Moroccan beauty from a Cleveland interior stylist.  It was an investment, but it could work in the office, bedroom, basement - it had versatility.  It helped that I had a rug pad ready; I ordered it in preparation for kitchen runners that never showed. 

I'm so in love with how the colors play in our bedroom.  

Inadvertently, it seems one of our house colors is orange.  I would have never expected it, but I like how it's working so far. 

The rug is wool, estimated to be about from the 1940s.  Look how cool the tag is! 

Kay, don't tell me if all these Arabic words tell me I bought a fraud.  I'll be crush.  Jen, she finds so much of her stuff at Cleveland estate sales - we need to get on that scene.

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  1. Hahaha- no worries! The Arabic I can see basically just corresponds to the English/French/(Spanish?) translations listed. And I LOVE LOVE that rug- I'm a big fan of Moroccan styling.


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