Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Super simple coffee table.

I intended to write a quick post on how we built our coffee table months ago.  At this point, it may be nearly a year.  This is going to be a boring post, but my phone is telling me I'm running out of storage.  I either need to delete these photos or write a post about them, and I've kept them this long.  

Many moons ago, our living room - and this is the space in the basement with the fireplace and TV - was furnished solely with a leather loveseat.  Thinking about it now, that piece has moved from my parent's living room to Columbus during my college apartment days, then to DC, and finally, back to Ohio. I didn't realize I'd lugged it around so far or for so long.  Anyway, it was quite lonely in the big basement.  Also, nonfunctional. Is that a word? We like to eat when we watch TV, and the kittens would like to lick our plates, but they don't do that on the table. We needed a table.

This room really has come a long way since this August 2014 picture.

Using 2x6's we originally intended for the standing desk in our office (before ruling them out for being too heavy), we created a super simple design: a plank top with straight legs. I stained everything our favorite dark walnut before assembly, so we're glossing over that and starting with assembly.

Laying everything out, we decided a frame would provide more support for the table and make it look more finished.  The frame is scrap 1x2's that we were also using for the legs.  There wasn't too much thought, and we weren't getting too fancy with mitered corners.  In fact, the frame is as simple as one knuckle's distance from the edge: 

Seriously.  We kept it real simple. To attach, we started by joining all of the planks with the kreg jig.  We measured and drilled pilots six inches from each other and moving opposite directions for the most security. 

We then used 2-inch kreg screws and the assistance of a ratchet strap to join all of the planks in the top.

Once the top was done, we used the kreg to build the frame.  We also used the kreg to attach the frame to the top.  We probably used smaller than 2-inch kreg screws for that, but I can't remember.  The kreg screw boxes have helpful guides on the sides telling you what length of screw to use for a respective width of wood - pro tip.

Finally, we added the legs in each of the four corners little metal corner brackets.  These come in packs of four, complete with the screws, which is super helpful.

That's it! Actually, I did poly this for additional protection. This is how it looks now, albeit in a terrible combination of morning, lamp, and overhead lighting.  

In the past year we've added a rug, sectional, and some cat toys underneath.  We also took out a plank so it could fit more nicely into the couch. 

We've been so happy with this table in the past year.  It's durable, not precious enough to fawn over, but also one of our first furniture projects.  Zach has a special place in his heart for this one - there was serious concerns when we got the sectional as to where the table would go and if it would be considered. All this to say - this was a long overdue, simple project, and we love it.

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