Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Front porch updates.

Last year for Christmas, the cats got me a set of modern house numbers. I know, they're quite thoughtful. In an effort to not make it a year without putting them up, we set out to blast into the brick a couple weekends ago.

But first, we had to address the light. It wasn't our style and looked original to the house. That would make it 60 years old and showing wear from its permanent life outside. I had something in mind,  Zach liked the look, thus making this one of our quicker decisions.  We sauntered off to Home Depot, were directed to another Home Depot, then finally brought it home. 

Zach quickly replaced the light, making this again one of our quicker projects and maybe our only light with fortunate wiring.  It seems like I'm foreshadowing this to turn into an unfortunate project, but it was really just a strangely fortunate day.

I really liked the seeded glass. Apparently I snuck that feature by Zach because he asked if it was dirty or if those were water drops. But the glass is a little dusty and I was too lazy to pull out the ladder to remove and clean.  I don't love the swirly light bulb within, but its a special one with a sensor that turns on at dusk and off at dawn, so in this case, function overrides style.

This picture was also taken before I traced that white line of caulk with a layer of brown to help camouflage. 

Then, using the templates that were packaged with the house numbers, a hammer drill and silicon caulk, we hung the house numbers. 

We'll be filing this face lift under 'Why didn't we do this earlier?!' Game changer.

For comparison and posterity's sake, here's where we started:

Here's what we look like lately in unintentionally better lighting:

 Now we need a door knocker, right?!

Either way, it's comforting to know our cats can now know which house is ours and will hopefully let the new neighbors move in without trying to take over.

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