Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Categorizing the hall closet.

That’s a start for a better title, right? Boring, but less annoying.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m baffled by the closet in the center of our house.  It was clear the previous owners used it as a coat closet, but its positioning 15 feet from the nearest door was less than ideal in northern Ohio.  We considered making it a full extension of the kitchen, hiding the microwave in here, but without planning to expand the doorway opposite, it felt too separate.  A microwave in the hallway is weird. 

We lived with it for two years with those hanging closet storage things before I needed something permanent. I don't have a good before picture, probably because it was blank. 

So we went with the hybrid.  The closet is now part cleaning (the vacuum finally has a home!), part pantry, part cat food, and all overflow space.

The shoes and coats still don’t have a great solution, but those will be addressed in the next two years.

Most of our food items are in two cupboards in the kitchen.  One is a lazy susan, which is still so exciting, but is positioned over a vent.  I still can't determine the implications of certain items over the heat in the winter.  The other is the corner cabinet on the wall above, and is part platter storage, making it less than full food storage and awkward.  Things will likely shift as we slowly work toward our kitchen remodel, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I built the shelving system in a couple hours with 5 2x4's, some 1x6 planks for the shelves, and leftover pieces of 1x2's for the shelf supports.  It took me a couple hours and was obviously built for function over beauty.  

I customized some spaces, such as the top shelf with just enough room for boxes of aluminum foil, wax paper, and the like.  The very bottom shelf is perfect for my Cheerio stores, and I envision the basket being where we keep potatoes and onions because I recently learned they are best kept in cool, dark places.  Otherwise, it's a current free-for-all.  I don't intend on the crockpot, blender or random bakeware living in here, but after hiding the microwave in a kitchen cupboard, they were kicked out and are more pleasing hidden than sitting on the counter.  The bag is catnip and cat treats and needs a new spot. Still, too much is in flux to settle too far on anything. 

This post may be the ugliest thing, but the function of this closet makes me so happy. I think I vacuum more solely because I know where the vacuum is now. That, and I love making this home fit for us. 

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