Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Laundry basket.

This post feels very weird, but I am really into my laundry basket. I remember debating a laundry basket when we were registering for our wedding, but ultimately deferred because I don't like having stuff.  I also didn't see any options that weren't woven (which I love, but the cats also love).  At the time, we were waking up to the cats scratching our bed every night (this was before we built a bed), so I wasn't about to add another prime scratching location.

It was perfectly practical to use a plastic basket, which was hidden behind the door the majority of the time. That was, until Copper confused it for a litter box. Cringe. 

I still wasn't about to provide a scratching option to allow the furbs to wake us up in the middle of the night (hiding the mattress in the bed frame has be a GAME CHANGER).  I searched for months before I saw this fabric option at West Elm.  I had coupons, the size was ample to appropriately procrastinate laundry, and it was made from recycled materials. It easily won me over. 

Adding the snake plant in the room (the one plant that may be able to survive the low natural light), and this corner just became a whole lot more environmentally friendly. 

Opposite the laundry basket and next to the closet, we hung two hooks I'd been eyeing for a long time.  The picture is terrible in the nighttime light, and I can't hide the fact that we don't have closet doors, but the added functionality, the brass accents, are quite welcome.

All of this makes me feel like we've neglected our bedroom and should maybe focus on it before narrowing in on either the basement, kitchen, guest, room, or second bathroom. That, or I'm trying to overwhelm myself. 

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