Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Towel hook from scrap lumber.

This is it on the guest room for a while.  It was a short burst to get that room up to hospitable standards, and now the door will be closed both literally and figuratively until I finish some other projects.  I have a nasty habit of just starting a project (like when I took a hammer to the drywall) and flitting to the next project (thus why only an eighth of our kitchen wall does not have tile).  My next plan is to focus. 

All that babble to say nothing about what was done: I built a towel rack. Or set of hooks? And I still haven't painted.

To recap, there were a few key things our guest room was missing to make it even the slightest bit inviting to guests.  We realized this nearly two years into living here. Apologies to all previous guests.  To start, it didn't have bedside tables - or more specifically - lamps.  There was one overhead with the switch by the door, so you had to get out of bed and traverse an unfamiliar room to get in bed. Not super nice.  Secondly, there were no towel racks.  You could shower, but our bathroom only had two bars.  We'd share, obviously, but it's nice to have your own space.  Third (and, okay, I might do this within the year) is the addition of a mirror.  The guest room is in the middle of our house and it'd be nice to be able to sneak a look at yourself before catapulting into the kitchen. This would be doubly nice when we're preparing to go out at night and had more mirrors for makeup.

Now we have a towel hook.
Zach love love loves black piping. It will likely be all over the basement bathroom, which is forcing itself up the remodel list. He thought it would be cheaper than these hooks I had been stalking, and though it was not, he won due to my impatience.  Though I got those hooks on sale for the office.

I based this design on something I thought I saw on Pinterest and haven't found since.  There's a distinct possibility here that it was a dream.  In my first version, there wasn't a frame, just four cuts jutting in different angles.  I had stained it dark walnut, as I do everything, and was done with it.  

Then we went on an anniversary trip to Shendandoah, I again had a vision of my towel hook frame inspiration, and knew it had to be fixed. Seriously, I think I'm hallucinating. I don't remember how long after, but shortly after we got home, I took it apart, made a frame with 45-degree-angle cuts and wood glue and fit my pieces within.  I stared at it for a while, then sanded it.  Stared more, painted it all white.  More staring, then sanded the edges for a distressed look.  Added some stain to said edges.  Messed up while adding stain by accidentally streaking the paint, but liked that look.  Covered the piece in stain.  Finally, it was allowed to dry for a couple days and I was miraculously still happy with it after that, so I screwed the hooks back into it.  

Done. And I should have made the bed. Next time.

I think it'll look really cool when the walls aren't multiple colors and there's just one color peeking through.  It's also a hint of chevron, which is so prevalent in this room, without being perfect.  The other angles are tight.  

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