Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Statement couch.

Our house is compromised of hand-me-downs mixed in with a few bigger items that we've either saved for and love or found the placeholder for the budget. I think that's normal. That doesn't mean I like it.  It's hard for an impulsive person like me - to let a space evolve with time, resources, adaptions to lifestyle and taste. With that, we have both been so eager to offer the placeholders to our siblings as they moved into apartments. 

So when my sister took the loveseat a couple months ago, I was excited. At first, we didn't know what the solution would be, but after shifting furniture around several times, it was obvious we'd be able to fit a couch.  I generally prefer couches to loveseats - the deeper seats, more room, more seating.  I think they're more versatile. 

Zach had a different train of thought: a statement. He wanted a statement piece.  We did both - a statement couch.  Last week, it finally arrived.

We ordered it from West Elm over their Memorial Day sale.  It's the Paige Sofa in heathered grapefruit. We love it.  It's deep enough to curl up, it's plush enough to support without pushing us off, and it's long enough to sit three people or just a horizontal version of myself.  The lines are reminiscent of our favorite midcentury pieces without being too severe.  All that and it's bright without being demanding. Love.

We had more opinions about furniture than we both anticipated, and less furniture is built on legs, off the ground, than Zach would like. 

It's 73 inches long, and I was really worried about that before it arrived (though I had measured multiple times).  It's hard to envision something and 3-D dimensions are larger than flat.  It fits behind the credenza very nicely, and with another shift in the remaining furniture, the space is open with lots of seating options.  I realize I'm spotlighting those wingbacks unintentionally. I did buy fabric for one of the chairs! JoAnn's clearance section has had many upholstery fabrics lately.

We're really happy with it.  The pop of color is bold without being glaring and the orangey red tones compliment the blue rug and navy wall really well. Now I imagine all of our pieces will be statement pieces and this will start to look like a circus.

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