Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oil-rubbed bronze paint.

I'd mentioned I wasn't thrilled about the look of the brown trim on our front door.  It was better than white, but both were bad. I'd resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to spray paint it oil-rubbed bronze and it would be a terrible build-up of taping or covering everything in a five-mile radius with plastic. Obviously I exaggerate. Truthfully, it would be terrible because I would inevitably take a shortcut in the name of tape not sticking to brick, and then our front door would have an ORB aura. It would be disgusting, we'd have to move, and no one would buy our house.  Can you see all the trouble this brown trim was causing?!

Then - miracle of miracles - I found an old post from Chris loves Julia about ORB paint. PAINT. I can control paint. The post was a couple years old, so I was holding my breath that it would be in stores and not only available from China via Amazon and hundreds of dollars. Though that would be cheaper than the above scenario.  It still would have been difficult to pass through Zachles.

I found it at Home Depot.  Specifically, it's Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch metallic paint in oil rubbed bronze.  My local store carried it in little pots, but online it makes you think that you have to buy a two pack. I was so anxious, I didn't even search the shelves - I went straight to an associate and had them lead me to it. That's unusual for me in Home Depot because I feel like they always respond to Zach with questions I ask - then I'm offended.

So here's where we started - a blue door with the window trimmed in white. 

That wasn't working.  Using what we had on hand, I painted the trim the same brown we've used around the door. 

The picture doesn't do it justice - there's more here.  It was bad.  The brown was a lot more dry and chalky looking than the smooth ORB handles.  The brown was jarring in the same way the white was - it was so different.

Now - ORB paint:

The paint was glittery and so exciting.  I know the wet paint factor contributes to the difference in finish, but even once it was dry, the difference was obvious and much improved.

Another shot from farther out -

The difference isn't as obvious stepped back, but the undertones are darker. That, or the shadows were in favor of the ORB. Can you blame them?

A close-up to include the hardware in the same picture:

I'm so obsessed with how it looks that I'm painting the trim on the back of the doors. Even Zach mentioned how good it looks.  That's huge.

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