Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Guest Room Tables.

After finishing pallet sides tables for my mum, I knew what was next and overdue: side tables for the guest room.  Thus far, the room had been making do with one folding TV table my grandpa made and one lamp. Totally fine if one person's staying. More of a debate when it's two.

I knew it was overdue when I mentioned in passing that I was picking up lamps to my mum. She asked where I needed lamps now.  I said the guest room. She said, oh, yes, your dad and I do argue about the one light.  Vindicated.

I didn't document the pallet tables I made for her, mostly because she mandated a design she found on Pinterest. I followed that and it wasn't exciting.  I liked the angles, so I wanted to emulate in the guest room side tables.  

That room is all about angles now with the headboard and rug

Getting to it - the build.  I kept with 45 degree angles because I'm lazy.  The wood wasn't particularly warped, meaning that 45 degree angles would actually fit with each other.  I started by building a frame.  I glued the joints and clamped them for a few days before using the kreg jig to secure - that's the pocket holes you see.

Then I made another frame, but in vertical orientation.  I followed the same process.  Instead of using the kreg jig on the corners, I used the nail gun and some brads.  I would later be using the kreg to attached to the first frame.  It felt like overkill to do the corners as well. 

With both frames attached, I enlisted Zach to cut a piece of thick plywood to sit inside.  

I used Liquid Nails - a heavy duty adhesive - to attach the plywood underneath the frame.  Flipping it over and within the frame, I attached the angled design pieces with the same Liquid Nails.  Again - all 45 degree angles.  It looks complicated and really is not. 

Lastly, I cut four legs, two leg support pieces and one top support piece.  All were attached with pocket holes through use of the kreg jig and clamps.

Finally, I stained them with different doses of Dark Walnut.  The darkest was three coats, the frame and legs were one heavier coat and the lightest is the little left on the rag after doing the frame.  Once it was dry, they got two coats of poly. 

The lamps are from Target.  I've loved them for a while.  It's hard to capture these in the room with no natural light. 

The current situation is much improved from where this room stood for so long.  I also realized that pictures are extra terrible because the overhead light boasts only one working bulb to the three options.  I would say paint is definitely next in here, but it might be a light. 

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