Monday, June 15, 2015

Picture This: Week 24, 2015.

Obligatory prelude: I've done a picture-a-day project for the past couple years. I debate its continuation annually, but I like it as a part of posting the ordinary and capturing daily life. Check out past posts through the picture-a-day tag.

June 8, 2015

These two never cease to make us smile and envy their lifestyle.

June 9, 2015

Midday shopping because it's the playoffs.

June 10, 2015

Akron's Brew at the Zoo was the beast way to visit the animals.  They were all more active at night, there were no children in the park, and there were beer samples.  My sisters really checked off every area of our personalities with this month's date.

June 11, 2015


June 12, 2015

All hype. The dinosaurs were awesome.

June 13, 2014

Weekly entry of find the Henry.

June 14, 2015

Visitors and ice creams.

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