Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cord Caddy.

The area under the desk has been an eyesore.  We streamlined the desk by  only have the plug-ins on top, threaded nicely through a hole we drilled, but for the efficiency up top, the bottom was a nightmare of tangles. 

Taking a cue from the crates that organize wires at work, we picked up a wire paper holder.  To start, I determined where the surge protector would sit and how it would affect the plugs. Then, using bolt cutters, I snipped out the section. 

In a stroke of luck I've never experienced, I found exactly what I thought I might need, down to the specification that these hooks were made to attach to wood.  These were in the aisle with cables and other ethernet hook-ups at Lowe's.

It took some yoga because I didn't have an extra set of hands to hold the basket as I attached the hooks, but it was easy enough to attach the basket to the underside of the desk.  It was even easier after the opposite sides were through. 

The result is fantastic.  It's been a month and we've added new wires to the mix, all with the ease of access on the top and without the mess underneath.  The extra length of wires can also tuck in the basket, or above the surge protector. 

I didn't plan appropriately, but with another stroke of luck, the basket also doesn't hit our knees.  This was maybe the most rewarding project thus far. 

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