Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aunt advice: Save for the mirror.

After sharing the epic failure that was the funhouse mirror, our aunt emailed and shared some advice on saving for a good mirror.  She had a point - you don't usually gain weight on your way home from the fitting room. It's your mirror. 

I set to saving and stalking.  I narrowed my options, gawked at the prices, but was patient with my bank account and the sales.  I was using a now-defunct app (I still don't understand how it's defunct) called Poach It.  Not sponsored, the app was amazing. I would tell it things I liked and it would ping me when when they were on sale or with related coupons. Seriously. Is there another app out there like that? Was it out competed? This isn't rhetorical, I need a replacement. 

Anyway. Poach It told me a mirror I liked was on sale. It was still $300 and the shipping/handling and whatever extra charge for an item being big was another $100. It was a hard pill to swallow.  I hemmed and hawed, then it sold out. That's how I learned prices ending in .99 were final sale at West Elm.

So the second time I was alerted to a sale, I didn't hesitate. I checked with Zach, he was still on board, and somehow the pricing was better than the first sale. I don't know if it was a fluke, but the shipping/handling wasn't $100 this time. All systems go. Shortly after, I was ripping through the packaging and massive box of the West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror.  I'm throwing out the full name because there aren't reviews on the West Elm site and I always have to really search to get opinions.

In short: we love the mirror.  It's big, heavy, and came with hanging instructions that were easy to follow and left us feeling confident that the mirror will stay in place.  The reflection is true.  The quality is such that everyone has complimented it so far. It's the simple wood frame we wanted with the quality we couldn't replicate in our first attempt.  We're super happy with the quality and waiting for the sale was worth it.  It was a 40% off mirror sale and I think I had coupons.

The original plan was to put the mirror in the guest room.  It was going to be two birds with one stone: a floor length mirror we could easily access and a mirror to allow guests to see themselves before popping out in the morning. I should note we've never been offended by the appearance of our guests.  I read an article that I can't find now that mentioned it's a nice to have a mirror, favorite magazines, and a plunger (?).  I liked the mirror note best and thought a mirror would be a thoughtful add, especially since the guest room is smack in the middle of the house.  There's no hiding. 

The mirror didn't fit in the guest room. It's a narrow space made visually smaller by the new chevron headboard, and the mirror isn't narrow. It's two feet wide. We thought about it in our room, but then it was too many mirrors.  The mirror over the dresser isn't versatile, and two mirrors was two too many. The hall was perfect.  I took a couple days to paint the trim and wall, then we were ready to attach with the leaning hardware provided.  

It sits off the wall a bit, but not enough to obscure the walking path for either of the adjoining rooms. More importantly, it's small enough that the cats aren't tempted to scoot back there. Even if they did, the leaning hardware is attached to the wall stud and the mirror wouldn't fall on them.  As always, we're ready for earthquakes in Ohio.

I moved the print (one of my favorite wedding presents) on the wall between the bedrooms and like that update. I see it more there - when I'm brushing my teeth, filing between in the morning.  It was missed on the back wall

After a week, we're getting used to the shadows of the mirror at night, too.  At first, we would dodge into a room, but now I'm welcoming the additional light it throws around.  

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