Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Bed.

We made a bed.  It was really easy.

I never thought I would pair those sentences together.  After months of searching and finding nothing to stalk, we decided to give this tutorial a try. The worst that would happen would be we spend a lot of time just to end with a pile of lumber. 

Then Zachles sold our standard steel bed frame and box springs in record time. That added a little pressure.

We made a few customizations from the tutorial because we wanted the frame to surround the box springs/mattress entirely.  Our entire quest for a bed frame was fueled by 4 AM wake-ups by the cats scratching the bed.  So instead of 2x6's for the sides, we used 1x12's.

This meant that the corner joints required some finagling.  The sides weren't as thick as the legs (which are 2x4's).  To fix, I traced a rough notch and Zach popped it out with the jigsaw. 

These steps are bit out of order, but I'm not giving you a tutorial.  The link above is for that and they do a really good job.   I would just recommend measuring twice and measuring often to keep yourself on track and with properly fitting pieces.

After we had the corner supports and all of the slats, I caulked the seams and gave the frame two more coats of paint and time to dry.  In the meantime, we picked up two pieces of 3/4-inch thick plywood and cut them to fit the frame.  We considered purchasing a bunky board, but within poor reviews of the Crate and Barrel version (which would have been the cheapest with coupons we had), there were instructions to build your own.  These instructions were paired with a less that glowing review about how the purchased version started squeaking after six months of use. 

The 3/4" plywood wasn't sold in the width of a queen bed, or else we would have one piece. I was stressed about that at first, thinking two board would lead to squeaking, but it hasn't been a problem and the more I think of it, I don't think it will be.  After making sure both fit, we did a quick upholstery job with leftover upholstery fabric to soften any noise and to keep splinters from the mattress.

You can see the two different boards from the wavy line, but I thought the word might help, too. Maybe.  I used the backside of the fabric and even though it's still bold, it's totally hidden by the mattress.

With that, our mattress was dropped in, the bed made, and on cue, Henry leaped up and posed. It's less of a pose and more of a glare that I was making the bed after bed time. 

I'm happy to report that we have not fallen to the ground in the two weeks we've been sleeping here, nor have the cats found anything to dig their grubby claws into. Oh, sweet slumber. 

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