Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Door details.

Several months ago, in the beginning of January, we had a new front door installed. It was a very generous wedding present and a total game-changer not only on the appearance of our house, but also the warmth. We could see the outside around the deadbolt in the old door.  I've been waiting for a break in the weather since January to get some paint on the thing and brighten up the facade. 

May was the first break in the Ohio weather. For a couple months, I've had colors picked out.  Zach was down with a blue door, so I started with bright colors with deeper, more gray undertones.  The finalists were BM Blue Daisy, Blue Lake, Caribbean Blue Water and Cool Blue.

You can see that each of them are on a line with teals and grays.  The intention was those undertones would keep the color looking bright without being overwhelming.  At this point, I thought Cool Blue would be the winner.  I grabbed a test pot of each and swatched the four panels.  

That's morning, afternoon, and evening light.  Numbers 3 and 4 were consistently neon.  I don't have a picture of it, but at night, illuminated by the porch light, Number 4 (Cool Blue) was blindingly bright.  It didn't make sense- the darker it was outside, the brighter the paint appeared.  I really love this color though, so something is going to be bold.

The winner? Drumroll.... Blue Lake! That's Number 2 for my inconsistent descriptions.

I'm not well-versed in all things paint yet, so this surprised me.  My mum picked it right away, but I was so committed to Cool Blue until I couldn't ignore the neon any longer.  

We love it.  For a week straight, we were both commenting on how good it looked.  I still get so excited to see the door. It's so cheery! Before I finished painting the front, I knew the other exit doors would need to match.  I painted the back door and the door leading to the garage with the same quart and sample pot.  I love catching glimpses of them through the dining room. Though now the damaged, cream trim is exasperated. 

After living with it for a week, I then decided that the white trim around the window wasn't going to work.  The exterior trim is brown, and for reasons we can't remember, we bought a gallon of the brown. With paint to kill, I painted the trim around the exterior of the front and back door windows.

Meh. The problem is the sheen.  The door is a satin, the trim is flat.  Again, I don't know why we bought a gallon of flat brown exterior paint. 

The fix would be to spray paint the trim a nice oil-rubbed bronze to match the hardware, but that's a lot of taping and preparation I'm not prepared to do.  We'll see how this wears on us because even from the path, it doesn't look bad.  That might have to do with everything else looking worse.

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