Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shelves in the kitchen.

I'm saying that to the tune of Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah! In case you were wondering.

The kitchen seemed fairly new when we moved in. The work was questionable (tiles weren't straight, the tan paint was thin and showed the previous red), but it looked alright. We lived with it as it was for about a year before we started making changes.

Here's what it looked like the day we moved in.

It had been updated within the last ten years, but wasn't our style. It was too much tan.

After a year, we knew we wanted to move the island to create more space in the kitchen and to expand our counter space. We also wanted to open it up.  The room is big, which keeps all of the upper cabinets from making it feel cramped, but there is just one small window in the space. We wanted to created more space by the window, in lieu of putting in a larger window.  The windows are fairly new too.

To start, we swung the island to be perpendicular to the fridge.  The island was never grounded, so this was an easy move.  Next, we switched out lights so Zach could walk freely through the kitchen without hitting the dangling lights previously over the island.  We picked up a caged pendant for over the sink and moved the light previously over the sink to the middle of the room. 

The latter move is temporary - the light is way too small and doesn't throw enough light for the space. We're thinking we'll need some canned lights and under-cabinet lighting in here too.  

Then, we pulled down two cabinets. The result was abrasive, but the room did look more open. 

I tried to carefully pull off the tiles after that. The careful part turned out to be impossible as they were grouted onto the drywall. So we took that section of drywall out, replaced it with a piece of mold and mildew resistant drywall, and went through several rounds of joint compound to cover the seams.

Finally, we painted the wall the same SW Repose Grey that's in the adjoining dining room. We thought another color that opens into another room would be jarring.

Then - THEN! - it was time for shelves.  We picked up two 12-inch wide white shelves at IKEA in January, in addition to the end brackets.  We measured and cut the shelves to size (3-feet long).  Then it was a matter of securing them to the wall with anchors and/or drilling into studs. It was easy.

The result gets me so excited for the evolution of our kitchen. 

We want to pull off the tile (which we now know will mean replacing drywall, so we'll be strategic about that), replace the counters, paint the cabinets, replace the flooring, build in the cabinet over the fridge, update the lighting - this isn't a complete list and it's getting overwhelming. Maybe that's another post.

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