Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guest room ignorance.

Our guest room embarrasses me.  I used to visibly cringe when showing people in, but have become desensitized to that over the last year and a half. I know that sounds dramatic, and it probably is, but these pictures aren't doing the neglected room justice. 

This room is pretty true to the day we moved in.  The biggest change is the door.  It was the glass door (that is now our headboard), but we thought it best for guests to have some privacy. The cats would have loved having a glass door to creep on guests though. 

The room needs work. The ceiling is discolored - splotchy grey, from poor insulation in the attic, the quarter-round of crown molding was removed to show wallpaper remnants, the baseboard is about an inch above the floor (for reasons I cannot imagine), and the wall color is a mix of different paint finishes so it looks like baby puke. Realistic baby puke.  Two of the walls have paneling under a chair rail. The other two walls do not have a chair rail or paneling. I don't know what to make of it. 

To add insult to injury, the room get most of the furniture and decor rejects. Rejects is harsh - maybe stopgaps. Except for the dresser. That is still a part of my best thrifting to date.  I plop things in here without abandon because we keep the door shut.  I loved the curtains when they hung in my apartment, but they add to the blah-ness of the room here. That will definitely change with paint. 

True to form, we took down the closet doors and destroyed them, forcing ourselves to fix that somehow. The closet could probably do with an actual coat of paint, too. That's just primer now. 

I love the bed pillows, but without any other color in the room, they're abrasive. Again, that will change. I must count my blessings that one bed is allowed to have decorative pillows. Kidding, Zach. I know Copper would destroy them if I kept them on our bed. 

What's held us back is the multitude of decisions in here. Do we tear out the paneling and replace with drywall? That sounds terrible, and we're doing that in the kitchen, which would get priority, further delaying this room. Do we put paneling on the other two walls to unify? Honestly, I can't believe I just typed that. Do we paint the paneling on just two walls? Do we pretend there's a chair rail on the other two and keep the paint uniform? Can I paint the room an emerald green, or is that too dark for a room with little natural light? Why is the ceiling fan the same one from my childhood dining room? Why does Zach not enjoy buying lights as much as I do? Why is there a hole in the ceiling and how am I to spackle a hole in a ceiling with pointy things? Why is this room so cold in the winter and how does one address that when there is a vent and I can feel air blowing out of it?  Where will my mum stay when I inevitably coerce her into painting the ceiling when this is the guest room? Just kidding, Mum. I want you to finish that trunk you promised. 

Obviously I have a lot of questions. I don't know why this room intimidates me so much when I threw paint at our fireplace without blinking an eye. And that would have been a lot harder to hide and reverse. 

Something's going to happen here. I think it'll be soon.

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