Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Game changer.

I should have waited to show a status of the living room.  It's hard to say if we would have realized how desperately this room needed a rug to unify it without publicly posting pictures though.

I'd been searching intermittently for a rug for the space for several months without much luck. It wasn't a very focused search - we wanted the room to evolve a little bit, but everything was waiting on something else.  After we posted pictures, the hodge-podge translated worse than we imagined, and we decided to give this room some attention.

Quickly after, and with the help of posts like this and this, I found a rug on Overstock for half the price it was selling at Target. Apart from the price, reviews were good and someone was so kind as to color-match, so I could creep around laying the swatch on furniture and seeing if it'd work. Turquoise is a scary thing for someone as grey inclined as we are to bring into a space. It's since sold out

Ignore the piles of wood slats. Maybe that'll be a project after I cut them to the wrong length for their original intention. I need to learn the patience for measure twice.

Man. I never imagined it'd had such an impact. The rug arrived and it's as if it's announcing: THIS is the living room. Come, have a seat, or sprawl out on the floor because it's comfortable now.

I fill my courage building for the wingback upholstering, too.

I also painted! No more swatches on the wall! While Zachles was out of town, I took a couple days to move this room into the dining room, painting the baseboards and walls the same BM Simply White and SW Repose Gray, respectively. We shouldn't have waited as long as we did on that, either.

The rug's thin, so I got a plushy felt cushion pad. We're glad we did - it feels like a cloud. I was worried about the overlap of the rug and the one in the front door, but it doesn't bother me too much yet. I also don't know the alternative and want to keep the front door jute to protect from muddy, wet shoes. 

Next up: a bench for the front door. We don't have a plan yet, but I did get the Ana White book for Christmas...

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