Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chevron Headboard.

I am so proud of myself. I took a picture of a picture from Pinterest and made myself a headboard.

I wanted to do something after neglecting the guest room for over a year. I'm still not motivated for painting and most of the projects are on a larger scale (building a barn door, finding an affordable floor mirror), but the headboard was something I could manage.  We even had the supplies with all of the mistake cuts I made in preparing for our bed frame. More on that, probably, later.

I had two inspirations for the headboard.  I love them both.

The first won for its lightness.  After making such a heavy headboard for our bed, and needing an earthquake-tested cable to secure it, I wanted to do something light.  I think we'll use the second as inspirations for side tables. I just decided with that. 

I had great luck in the design.  All of the 1x3 pieces were cut to 60 inches. How wide is a queen bed? 60 inches. Perfect. To keep from making and inevitably messing up more cuts, I settled on a 5 foot square headboard. 

To start, I made the frame from 1x3's.  I used wood glue and pocket holes to secure the corners.  I didn't put a piece across the very bottom that would rest on the floor.  I knew I'd use a wider board somewhere between the legs to secure the frame.  More on that later.  I determined the bottom of the frame would be 18 inches from the ground (based on the height of the existing metal bed frame, box spring, and mattress) and secured a piece there, again with pocket holes. Lastly, I put a vertical piece in the middle that's 40.5 inches. I put the number more on the left, but that's 40.5 for the middle. The total height is 60 inches, considering the width of the horizontal pieces (which are approximately 3/4 each).

Next, I cut a 45-degree angle in a 1x3.  I eyeballed the placement, marked its position, and cut the other side. Then I duplicated the cut.  I did this four times to place my first two angled pieces and determine the spacing.  I ended up with 5 inches between angles.  It looked good to me, there was no science, and the distance is not a perfect 5 throughout because I was only committed to cutting 45 degree angles.  Nothing fancy.

I made all of my cuts before securing.  I also made slats to fill the frame. 

To secure, I used wood glue then enlisted Zachles to assist with the nail gun that we found we had stolen from my parents. They have subsequently discovered they left it here, much to my dismay.

Seriously, this was a really quick project. Lastly, we cut a 2x4 to fit between the legs, 9 inches from the ground.  This is the height of the metal frame, specifically where the holes align to allow for the headboard to be bolted to the bedWe didn't use pocket holes to attach as the frame will be attached near the edge.  Rather, we used wood screws and directed them in from the outside.

We haven't bolted it to the bed yet due to several snafus, but I will update when that happens. In addition to rarely measuring twice before cutting, we also rarely to take our measurements to the store.  It'll happen before the weekend as we're having guests and it'd be in poor taste to send the headboard crashing down on them.

In the meantime, here's Henry photobombing the headboard in the poor evening light.  She couldn't help herself - so excited to get into the forbidden room and loves beautiful things to be her backdrop. Don't the pillows just add to this feel now, too? Did I just legitimize pillows?

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