Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shades of Grey :: 9.

That's how many swatches were tested before we settled on a grey that we could carry across the main level. That might be how many months it'll take to paint, too. 

When we started the swatch process, we had only painted our bedroom, bathroom and office.  The bedroom and bathroom are both BM Rockport Grey, which is a grey on the brown scale my mum once said. I love that description.  The office, as you saw last week, is BM Patriotic White and BM Hale Navy.  The ceiling demands enough attention to be included. They're both blues and are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

The rest of the floor (maybe I should make a floor plan) consists of the kitchen (which you haven't seen), the dining room, the living room, and the guest room (haven't seen that either).  I want to do something bold in the guest room and have always thought green.  The door's always closed so the cats don't overtake everything and we have one less room to clean, so that paint isn't considered in this grand scheme. That's another story. The color for the main level would have to tie in the rest - bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, dining, living. There's a hallway too. 

The original swatches were grays between the blue and brown schemes. We tested them all over because we have different lights and sources all over - the dark, artificial light of the hall, the bright, natural light of the dining room, the mixed light of the living room. 

The first three were too cool.  They're the swatches on the top right - BM Gray Cloud, BM Iced Cube Silver and BM Tundra.  All read too blue and too cold for us.  This was a bad sign in the fall, when Ohio wasn't in the negative degrees. 

Within a week we had nixed those and brought three more - the ones on the top left.  BM Distant Grey, BM Paper White, and BM White Wisp, the last of which I misspelled in the picture.  At this point, we decided on White Wisp.  It read the best in the different areas and  we thought surely six swatches couldn't lie.

Obviously that didn't work out because there's three more swatches up there. Long story a little shorter, I had painted above the chair-rail in the dining room while Zach was working in the garage, he came in when I was done and asked when I was painting. White Wisp looked good in the swatch and looked like nothing on the wall. 

So for the final round, I polled friends and searched the internet to get their favorite grays. BM Coventry Grey is my friend Alex's living room, a color I've always liked, and Sherwin William's Repose Grey is my friend Jess's color throughout her hallways and first floor, a color I loved when I visited in the fall.  BM Revere Pewter is a color I saw repeated multiple times in the internet's quest for a solid grey.  BM Coventry grey was the same color as the line in our curtains (which are mirrored in the living room and dining room). That was nixed. BM Revere Pewter looked just like our bedroom and bathroom in BM Rockport Grey. SW Repose Grey it was.

As of this post, half of our hallway and the area above the chair-rail in the dining room are this color.  The second half of the hallway and two walls of the living room await their turn.

If that wasn't the most wordy post about choosing between fairly similar colors, I don't know what was. 

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  1. No Royal Robe? That color was a huge part of the process! harharharhar


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