Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Magic Mirrors.

For several months, I had the simplest plan to make a floor mirror that wouldn't cost more than $20. I'll assume you're not well-versed in the price of floor mirrors because it's a fairly boring subject, and let you know that they're expensive.  The affordable ones have terrible reviews, by and large, and the expensive ones are hundreds of dollars. I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars on a mirror, particularly with my penchant for breaking things, so we went about making one. And I broke two mirrors in the process. I wasn't kidding. 

We picked up simple, dorm-room, $5 mirrors, from Lowes, Walmart and Target, respectively, in this process.  I broke the first mirror before I could carefully free the glass from its plastic trim.  The second mirror made it free and was glued to a frame we made out of 1x6 pieces of wood stained a dark walnut and our favorite keg jig.  It made it to the glue stage before I cracked it. The third survived, but this is the result - 

It's a funhouse mirror. We made a beautifully framed funhouse mirror. 

At this point, we're throwing in the towel. We're not meant to make mirrors.  The intent was to include this in the guest room, but our guests have enough insults from the cats throwing themselves at the door in an effort to get inside and stare at the people that we can't subject them to a funhouse mirror as well. The hunt is back on. 

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