Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bedroom Basics.

New, unrelated goal: post titles. I always want to use alliteration and it always feels forced and boring. 

Our bedroom was the first room we tackled. By tackled I mean painted. Zach hadn't made any personal touches to the house in the two months between our closing date and my moving date.  He did more of the necessary modifications, like applying poly to the floors of our bedroom, guest room, and office - which was a huge job and hugely helpful, electrical work - the stuff to make our house functional.  I'm not known for patience, and he was tired of living in a blank slate, so we wanted something to feel like us. The bedroom was the most obvious and manageable area.  

We painted the walls BM Rockport Grey and hung curtains that I had in my previous apartment (fabric here).  We had considered the curtains to be a stopgap, but they look good with the wall color and to date, I've re-hemmed/fitted six of the eight panels.  It's progress, slow progress, so now we probably won't change them anytime soon because I will not be motivated.  The curtains are a white/cream with a grey damask pattern that is small enough to not be very bold, but crisp enough to be a pattern/color.  Is that the weirdest description? They also make me question my sanity because they looked totally different in my apartment.  Regardless, they tie-in really well and it's a wonderfully confusing thing - that the curtains are grey and the walls match and look grey, and then they look brown. Color really fascinates me.

I'm getting this out of order, but we also painted the trim as a part of my quest to paint all of the trim white.  I need to re-paint the trim because it now has poly splashes all over from Zach's quick worst/misunderstanding that poly doesn't dry clear in splashes. 

I have a love/hate relationship with the bed pillows. I feel hate in the picture above. That's strong, more like wish-I-would-have-smoothed-that-comforter-more. Zach is not into decorative pillows. I'm very into decorative pillows.  True life: my bed used to look so good with pillows.  BUT they're not practical because they have to be removed to sleep and we have one cat in particular [Copper] that hates messes/piles of things [Copper] and will let us know by ruining them overnight [Copper].  So that makes them impractical and in danger.  As such, we've kept only our sleeping pillows on the bed. But the bed looks so blase. Maybe if I stand up the pillows. Stay tuned for these fascinating developments

Moving on. Sometime over the last year, we painted the door that used to lead to the guest room and made it into our headboard. It was very easy - we painted the door, cut it to fit our bed (and were lucky that it was solid wood), and used scrap pieces of 2x4's to give it legs. You can see more on the process here. Several people have expressed concern that it would fall or break on our sleeping heads, but it's been at least four months and all is well. We attached it to the wall with a cable certified to hold 1000 pounds in an earthquake, so we're feeling confident in earthquake-less Cleveland. 

The side tables and lamps are from Target.  Again, weirdest thing that a lamp with a color of River Birch matches grey/brown walls and curtains. Both were wedding registry gifts/bought with gift cards. The dresser and mirror are a part of my proudest Salvation Army score to date. The matching tall dresser is in the guest room. The rocking chair was my great grandmother's and I need to give it better cushions. My mum has been saving it for when my sisters or I have kids.  That doesn't mean I'm having kids.  She sent it to me because Henry really likes it.  Henry's the white cat that appreciates decorative pillows.  The canvas above is a picture my sister took of my grandpa's pond in Michigan. I love it for so many reasons - that someone I love took it, that it's of a place I love, and the colors are magical. Seriously - it looks alive in this picture.

We have several plans for this room.  First is probably a bed frame to hide the box spring that the cats really love hanging on it / scratching it in the wee hours of the morning.  The second is probably some sort of accent wall behind the dresser.  For some reason, the paint never took well to that wall.  It stuck, obviously, but we've since wiped it for a mark or something, and the arc of the sponge stays on the wall. It's the strangest thing.  It doesn't happen with the other three walls, making me think there's some sort of strange paint under the multiple layers on the wall. It's driven me crazy, and the only way I can think to handle it would be a wall treatment. 

Then there's the closet doors, which we've similarly destroyed and need to replace, along with a better closet storage system (I'm envious of IKEA systems my dad did for my closet in my childhood home), a new light, crown molding, hooks for clothes behind the door that I apparently didn't photograph - the finishing touches stuff.  Maybe something for that blank space between the nightstand and closet, too.

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