Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ticket Shadowbox.

I've been wanting to recreate this project since my friend Jen's anniversary in September. After a glass-blowing class one Saturday morning, Jen came over to do some crafting. Top that for a craft-tastic day. She had originally seen the project on Pinterest - a shadowbox with an opening to include tickets.

Months later, while perusing IKEA, I happened upon a shadowbox and remembered that I also needed a ticket showcase.  So I picked up a Ribba. 

Then, a couple weeks later, I had the time to execute.  I started by taking the frame apart and marking a line I wanted to cut in the top.

We had used the oscillating saw to cut the slit in Jen's shadowboxes, but I was alone, and steadying the frame and the saw was not going to work well.  Instead, I used a drill and methodically increased the bit size. In between, I used an exact knife to cut/stab between the dots and through the outer and inner frame. 

It took just as long as you'd imagine.  It was terrible and I'd recommend a partner and an oscillating saw. It'll take a fraction of the time.  After that, I didn't have the patience to paint over the opening I'd just drilled/scraped/scoured (and I plan to paint several frames in what should be an epic spray paint session this spring).  I cut out a piece of gold sparkly card stock for the back because I'm of the current opinion that gold sparkly is neutral.  I gathered the few tickets I could find quickly, and hung it on the wall to surprise Zach.

He was coming home from a 30+ hour workday event, so he didn't see it. He liked it upon direction.  I haven't decided on it yet, but Jen also used glass etching cream to write "ADMIT ONE" and outline Mickey Mouse on hers. It looks awesome and I can't prove it to you because I didn't have the foresight. 

My favorite thing is how cool this will look as it evolves. Every ticket is a memory, and they peek out from behind each other. It's easy to adjust, too - I kept shaking it like an etch-a-sketch when I wanted something else in the front. 

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