Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Office.

We're most proud of what we've accomplished in the office. It became functional quite quickly, and when we finally get around to the finishing touches like trimming off the shelves and adding crown molding, it's going to be magical

The view from our bedroom across the hall is my favorite. That chair is my dream, and the chickenwire frame, from our wedding, displays fun notes and cards.

The walls are BM Patriotic White, which is actually a very light blue.  The ceiling is BM Hale Navy.  Desk legs, shelves, and trim on three walls is BM Simply White. The desk is epic.  The sitting desk is just shy of 7-feet long, while the standing desk is the width of the room and just over 10-feet long.  We used 4x4 pieces, painted white, as legs.  The cabinet (that doesn't have drawers and we plan to fit for doors), was $1 at a garage sale.  We need to finish that if only to have rideable storage. 

The sitting desk, again.  The cork board is mostly pretty things; the strips are rewritable and we use it for a running project/savings list; the letter has a lot of wedding bits that I want to include in my wedding scrapbook my cousin is making if she doesn't already (she probably has it covered, but it feels so weird to throw some things away after working on it for over a year, right?!); and fun pictures - one of cats driving a car from my sister and one of a moose dunking his face in Alaska.  Note about the whiteboard strips - they're magnetic and on a piece of metal, but we moved some around the other day and noticed rust underneath. So we'll be figuring that out. 

A lot of the tchotchkes are in limbo.  We have shelves in the basement I'm still playing with - moving things between the living room bookshelves and basement shelves, with the office catching everything in the end.  The Warhol soup cans hold pens; the hive vase holds phone cords and the like; and I have a variety of plants I'm trying to grow.  The room gets a good amount of sun, but I can't convince much to stay alive in here.  

The Alice in Wonderland print is the entire book, printed on a poster with Alice and the Cheshire Cat outlined.  My roommate got it for me years ago, and I finally got it framed for the room.  

The daybed is Zach's childhood twin his parents sent our way on a low profile frame we snagged on a killer West Elm sale.  I made the four euro pillows.  It's a nice lounge spot, and Henry is often sleeping there.  It's great to have an overflow bed in the event friends crash after a night in the basement bar. 

The closet side is in need of the most work.  My mum made shelves on the left side soon after we moved in.  Like all the other closets, we destroyed the doors, so we need a new solution. I haven't painted the trim on this side (thus the creaminess). I mostly ignore that this side exists because its progress contradicts our desk accomplishments too much. 

It's stuffed to the brim with planned projects and supplies for things we don't know what to do with.  It needs attention. 

Since these pictures, we've added bamboo roller shades.  The look isn't as seamless as we'd have liked, so as soon as I frame out those, we'll do pictures and a tutorial if it goes well.  

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