Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Living Space: Starting Block.

Our front living room is our most eclectic mix of furniture, and actually, maybe the majority of our furniture. This room is going to be the most difficult in all ways - to photograph, explain, decorate - so bear with me. I'll also probably avoid making any commitment to it for another year at least.

The best view I can get of its layout is a view most don't see because I was standing on an ottoman against the frame wall. We like it because it's cozy and conducive for conversation and lounging. Here's the view from the front door:

It reads more chaotic, but I like to think with a recovering of the wingback (I'm thinking charcoal with blue piping, but letting it grow on me), painting of the wall, and slow progress, it'll calm.  The view straight in from the door is of the gallery wall, also in constant slow progress. If I like it, I nail it in. I have to paint that wall as well and have been thinking of a pattern on the rug. 

Halfway down the runner is one of my favorite views - the sunburst mirror reflecting the navy wall. It's hard to look past the creamy wall with random white paint, but squint real hard.

I set up the living room with my sister the day I moved in, and it's largely unchanged since then. The room is unique in that it's connected to so many different areas. I think we need a rug to really define the space, and to comfortably lounge on when we're reading and chatting. I mostly feel that way when I look at the room from the edge of the kitchen/dining room area.  The sewing table helps, I think. 

That's mostly what we use the space for - reading on our slow weekend starts, and wine with friends after an evening of activities.  The two slipper chairs from Target from our very generous friends and family really helped to define the space and the seating.  Zachles picked the pattern - color me impressed.  Recently, I cut two thin strips of wood, screwed them into the bottom frames, and joined the two together. We could easily remove it later, too.  From the hall, the room looks totally different to me, and much more relaxed than cluttered.

Flipping to the opposite view. The wingback is on my list to recover. My mum picked that up for $8 (!!) at an antique store, and it didn't smell and the shape was great. I have very little experience in upholstery (specifically, none apart from a square stool) and have been intimidated by that project.  Recently, Zachles sent me an email with no message beyond a link to reupholstery.  Message received. 

The loveseat is on my short list. I tried, but it's impossible to sit on the thing without actively struggling to stay on it. It's constantly trying to push you off. Size-wise, it fits so well against the buffet, but that's not enough to save it. 

I want to do something fun on the navy wall. I'm thinking of a pattern, maybe in a high-gloss paint to catch the light occasionally but not be too demanding. We don't want to distract from how much we love the pallet door. The white walls will be painted the same Sherwin Williams Repose Gray that's above the chair rail in the dining room. That'll be as soon as I motivate myself to paint the trim on the two walls. I'm so over painting trim. I guess I have half of the hallway trim to retouch and properly paint as well.

The picture is all blown out, but it's incredibly difficult to get a picture of the door without knocking the wall separately it from the kitchen.  We built the door by using our kreg jig to join pieces of pallet we'd sanded and cut to fairly uniform size.  The horizontal pieces are 1x4's in the middle and 1x6's on the top and bottom where all the pallet pieces ended and needed more support.  The handle was all by itself, disregarded in a bin at Lowe's, and they told us to take it for $1. We found the door hanging kit on eBay, and on second thought, should have mounted it on a 2x4 to give the wall more space.  We had to rip off the trim surrounding the closet opening to allow the door to slide. But we're ignoring that problem.  It looks so good. The hallway has come a far way from its sconces and random holes - though the back wall leaves much to be desired. 

So it's very much in progress, and slow progress at that. 

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