Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Picture This: Week 1, 2015.

I debated this for a little bit. I've done 365 picture projects for a couple years and it's always been about the day. I thought about doing something like a yoga pose, a picture of my face, a picture of an object in places - I really ran the spectrum.  My brother-in-law actually convinced me to continue with what I've been doing - without even knowing it.  He showed me this video about this guy that found a bunch of daily journals from his grandfather-in-law (I'm getting the details wrong as I continue with this, I'm sure of it). It was a really cool picture of daily life at their time, which we miss in the stories and memories passed down. We can watch history in the movies, but it's always centered around a big event. I want to remember the ordinary, so here we are - 2015!

January 1, 2015

My sisters are the most amazing people in the world. For our wedding, they are setting up date nights throughout the year. We opened the first on January 1, but cannot open the actual date night activity (until a TBD date night). The anticipation is killing me, and they astound me. 

January 2, 2015

I'm not a Home Depot fan, solely based on the store layout and interactions I've had there. BUT! The impact drill demos were enticing.

January 3, 2015

He'd been looking for a couple months, and it was finally time to pull the trigger. Zachles is the proud owner of a RAV4.

January 4, 2015

Brunch baby. Goals in 2015: spend more time with people I enjoy. 

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