Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Light Fight :: Dining Room.

I'm so behind on documenting our house projects that at this point, I'm going to show a status and move from there.  I'll deviate if we did something we are especially proud of, but that'll also depend if we did any documentation of the progress. 

To start: the dining room.  And to really start, this is what it looked like on day one. 

The suitcase in the middle of the room was necessary to keep me, specifically, from knocking my head off the dangling light multiple times a day. My dad finally raised it.  

The room was a blank slate. We didn't even have a hand-me-down table to influence anything. It's a main thoroughfare, as that green door leads to the garage.  I love the big window to our backyard.

Here's what it looks like now. 

Apart from the obvious furniture additions, this room changed drastically with paint. The darker color is Benjamin Moore's Silhouette and the top, lighter color is Sherwin William's Repose Gray.  Now I'm itching to center the light fixture between the opening to the kitchen, and to change it. We're not actually fighting about the light. We both agree that the current one is not our jam, but lights are expensive and sticker shock is real. Light fight is more of an homage to a book I co-wrote in seventh grade and illustrated with foam creatures. 

We started by painting all of the trim white. The house trims vary between a dark wood tone, to tan, to natural wood. The original chair-rail was replaced with a simpler, modern piece.  The door frame was replaced because the original was cut out to fit the chair-rail. Many things in this house seem to have been done backwards. 

We took down the bamboo shade, but I'm debating putting it back up. It'd add a nice texture, and I never disliked it. I went with curtains to mirror the bay window directly opposite in the living room. It helps to make the space look bigger. We'll have to do some trial runs because I don't want it blocking too much light, if any. I've already backed the fabric curtains to help block light bleeding through in both the night and day.

You can see a dot on the ceiling by the light - that's my tape marker for the next light. 

The table was compromise. I wanted a round table, specifically this one, but the price was high even when we stalked it for a while and compounded some coupons. My friend also told me that her round table is difficult sometimes because the larger it is, the more dead space is in the middle. We liked the idea of having the option to make it smaller or bigger, too, though so far, we've kept in the middle leaf.  The current verdict is that we love the chairs, not the table. The finish is chipping already and we're two gentle adults. I imagine when we have children it'll be eaten alive.  My sister also hates that the planked top has grooves that are really good at catching crumbs - she wants us to get a pencil vacuum. It really doesn't bother us much yet - it's the spots missing the finish. 

We are obsessed with the dining chairs. They are really comfortable while forcing a straight back that it's almost therapeutic. 

One of my favorite things, probably in the house, are those hanging planters. They're from West Elm. I like that they're hidden, but also give something to a corner we would have otherwise ignored (to the extent the cats let us, because their food dishes are under them)

Now, for the great light debate. I have a few in mind, but keep returning to the two very different styles below. Zachles is keeping his poker face strong. 

We need a strong light in the room. There are no overheads in the adjoining living room, and it was nice over Thanksgiving that the dining room could throw enough light that way to support the lamps (the current one has five bulbs). As there's no overhead in the living room, the light will also be allowed to be the stand-out. We plan on pulling out the pendants over the island in the kitchen so the dining room chandelier can draw you from both the kitchen and living spaces.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.


Shades of Light

I'm afraid the first has a color scheme that's too neutral for the already neutral room. The are color options, but that's another can of worms. It's more casual, which is more of our actual style.  The gold one reads mid-century glam, which I'm drawn to, but there's a difference in loving a style and actually being that style. We're also really into Mad Men right now. I've considered strappy chandeliers like this as well, but they're too predictable and similar to our office light that I'm already judging myself. I also don't think they'd throw enough light.

We have some time to figure it out, but I am itching to settle and save for one, thus nearly completing our first room. Zach wants to do crown, still, and I've thought about a rug, but those considerations are in every room, and thus cancel out.

Curtains: Chevron and Sheer
Hanging planters and pots: Planters from West Elm and pots

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