Friday, August 29, 2014

Read This: XXV.

I'm recapping some things I read this week that I found interesting, not to force you, because I can't, but because sharing is caring. This also holds me accountable and keeps me from zoning out on Pinterest every hour.
  • How amazing is this rolling bridge?! Every time I leave London, I feel like I'm missing out on something awesome. Artsy has more great info on this designer, Thomas Heatherwick, including more of his innovative, playful designs.  
  • We're really into House of Cards, so this spoof for Bill Clinton's birthday made me laugh. I find it very refreshing when politicians can make fun of themselves. 
  • I heard a story on the radio this week about a study that the more active people are in social media, the less opinionated they are. It makes sense. You're not going to garner popularity if you're particularly polarizing. I don't do well in keeping up with the news, but I know the situation in Ferguson is about race and human equality. I am not well versed enough in the English language to explain the range this powerful video makes me feel. And I know that if people stop talking about uncomfortable topics, there will never be change. 
  • From my Instagram stalking, I knew Design Sponge was in Cleveland a couple weekends ago, and so I looked around for her city guide because I love them. It's from 2011, but I'm still making it a guide for myself.  

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