Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm realizing the title could have been a Game of Thrones reference to Hodor. There are door puns for days! 

In April, I took the French door that used to divide off the guest room and started to paint it in my quest to make it our headboard. How's this for a timely update? I have no idea why one would want 15 panes of glass separating you in your prone, sleeping state from the rest of the house, so we replaced that door with the standard six-panel immediately. I knew I wanted to use the door again, so it sat for several months, patiently waiting it's turn for my wrath.

I'm jumping ahead. First, and apparently with no photographic evidence, I removed the hardware on the door that we assume held a curtain in place. We're further assuming they realized being in a glass box in one's prone, sleeping state was not ideal. I then patched those holes with wood filler, sanded the frame down and rounded the edges, and further wiped everything down with liquid deglosser because there was no way I was about to sand the curved window panes. 

Zachles was kind enough to tape off all of the windows on one side before I smacked it with a coat of primer and two coats of leftover semigloss paint in Ben Moore's Simply White.

Then the door sat until we returned from Alaska. Two weeks ago.


I had Zach trim off about six-inches off the bottom to make it symmetrical. Before, the bottom of the door had more of a wood frame than the top. We didn't know how sawing would go because we didn't know if the door would have a solid wood core. We had nothing to lose, so we did it. Luckily, it seemed to be a solid wood core.

At this point, I flipped the door over, taped all of those windows, primed and painted one coat. I knew this would be the back of the door, so I was satisfied with one coat. I didn't want weird orangey-brown reflections and a coat of primer + paint was enough to let me sleep easy. It's streaky, but it's sufficient.

Note: I just read this post. I will not be taping in the future. It was terrible. 

Then we brainstormed. I didn't want to mount the door directly to the wall because the off-center window wants to drape its curtains behind the door. The horizontal headboard door. I tried to communicate the creation of a door with legs, and Zach wasn't getting it until I found enough "legs" in our scrap wood pile and showed him what a wonky door monster it would be. 

We measured the legs to be 18.5 inches off the ground, which would allow for the bed frame to be bolted into them and the door to extend above our pillows, but not above the window. It's an arbitrary height we found after holding the door and struggling to remember it's position. Sometimes projects require three people. I'm working on training the cats to take pictures. 

We used 3-inch wood screws to attach the legs and hoped each time that we'd be drilling into wood. We think we did each time, and we definitely did on the legs that are on the edges (and have the frame bolted in them). 

We attached three legs on the front of the door and two on the back. The plan didn't start that way, but after attaching three on the front, I couldn't sleep that night thinking of the top-heavy door and the screws potentially stripping out from the weight if it tipped backward. This makes more sense with my hand demonstrations ... maybe. Once complete, the door could stand on its own!

I then painted the outside legs (rather, gave them a coat over the primer), watched it dry, drilled holes in them to match up with the door frame, and manhandled the beast into the bedroom because Zachles was working late and I have no patience for that and I'm allowed to use non-cutting tools without a second person present.

I lined up the legs with the frame and easily attached with bolts. 

I then carefully straightened the bed and board to where I wanted it on the wall before searching for a wall stud on which to attach the furniture cable. We found this Quakehold! 7-Inch Steel Furniture Cable on Amazon. Surprisingly, we didn't find anything but baby-proofing nylon cables on our Lowe's or Home Depot, but maybe that's because there's no earthquakes in Ohio. Yet. We'll be ready. I followed the instructions on the box exactly, attaching the wall plate to a stud and the furniture plate to the furniture. It was super easy and allows us to sleep easier (pun!) knowing that the cable can hold up to 1000 pounds. And I'm sure the door is less than that because I'm sure I can't lift that.  

I'm happy to report that we've been sleeping under the door for at least a week and a half and everything is going well. We haven't punched through the glass panes, which seemed to be most people's reaction, nor has the door fallen on us. The only reaction I have for it is love, and a desire to make decorative pillows. 

The colors are wonky because the sheets are yellow and I don't have a fantastic camera. This post had to keep marching on. 

I love this view. I LOVE the curtains casually draped behind the panes. I love the wall color through the panes. I love the reflections of my pond picture off the panes. 

...which has moved to the left to make way for the dresser mirror attachment. We didn't think we'd want it attached, tried it after eight months, and actually like it for function and for the midcentury style. 

That wall still needs attention in the crown department, patching holes from where the pond previously hung, and maybe new paint. That wall still acts like it's wet, seven months after being painted. It's super sensitive to fingerprints, and if we wipe them off, we're stuck with a mark of the washcloth. I'm thinking we'll have to try some fun treatment (I love this) to help hide it, or exasperate it. 

Otherwise, the bed is looking much more stately, if not totally washed in white. Pillows will help that. We also need to build a bed frame. That saggy box spring is really a firm box spring covered in plastic in an attempt to discourage the cats from scratching it in the wee hours of the morning. Form poorly meets function. Let's marvel at that headboard!

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