Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Cut.

I cut off 10.5 inches of hair last Friday. 

I've been planning on doing this for a while, years actually. It's been a long process drawn-out by slow hair growth, weddings, and miscommunications at interim haircuts where more than an inch of hair was taken. My fine hair only produced one braid, but I'm so happy and proud of myself to be sending it off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. 

I don't really know what spurred me to grow and donate. My sisters played a big subconscious part in it, both of whom have donated their hair to charity previously, but they didn't pressure me. I think it was a matter of one day realizing that my hair was longer than usual, in addition to considering that if I had the ability to grow hair, I might as well grow it and donate it. 

It's much easier said than done. I wanted to quit so many times in the process when my hair was trying to decapitate me as it got caught behind me in a chair or in my armpit while running. It sounds so pathetic. I realize this. I forgot to take a before picture, but did get my passport renewal picture immediately prior. This is the reason I have no expression. No expressions allowed.

I picked Pantene as the recipient because they use the hair to make wigs for people of all ages. I liked that. 

I'm not crazy about my new short cut. It's a bit too short, which means that I can't pull every single piece into a ponytail and it offers absolutely no flexibility in it's washing schedule. It was pushing it, but I could squeeze four days of no washing out of my long hair and mask it with baby powder and an up-do on day three. I can't fake it on day two now. 

My friend made me feel much better about it by comparing it with Victoria Beckam, which is always greatly appreciated. That face of mine is terrifying. I'm sorry. I can't do selfies.

I'm happy I did it, and I'm happy it's over. Here's to the fast-growth of two more inches and ponytails.

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