Monday, July 28, 2014

Picture This: Week 30, 2014.

Last year, I started a picture-a-day project with the new year. My intent was and is to try and appreciate every day, the good and the bad. I'm posting weekly recaps of the past seven days. It's a fun way to recap the week, and keep me motivated for the next week. By throwing it up to the interwebs, it's a not so subtle reminder to myself that if I'm laying around all week and taking pictures of my feet poking out of a blanket as I watch Netflix for the millionth time, I'm going to bore everyone to sleep. Not that I care, guys. That being said, it's rarely ground-breaking, but I couldn't handle that anyway. It's a log of my life, and a gentle reminder to myself that life is a gift and I should take advantage every day. I don't want to get preachy. If you do this, I want to know so I can nose around. In the least creepy way possible. You can start anytime, too - a new year doesn't have to start on January 1. Steph created one mid-year. Veronica does this as well, but I'm losing faith in her ever updating her blog. Check out my past weeks through the "picture-a-day" topic link on the right. 

July 21, 2014

At the first signs of deterioration of my Tasha print, I was panicked as I knew my sister's had crumbled. I believe I successfully saved it, but just in case those methods don't hold, I made a reverse print. It resulted in my current print being covered in cornstarch.

July 22, 2014

Back to working at home means back to Henry biting my ankles.

July 23, 2014

Copper received his early birthday presents from his mom. He posed himself. I had tried for a couple minutes to get him in a shot with his presents, and just when i was giving up, he plopped down on them and presented this gem. 

July 24, 2014

Zach worked late on Thursday so I installed our new door-turned-headboard with the supervision of the felines. It was all judgment. 

July 25, 2014

This is still fairly unsuccessful, but a better attempt to get the twin deer babies in a picture.

July 26, 2014

We bought new front door hardware in anticipation of our new front door. Fun fact: Home Depot can change the pins on the locks to match your keys, given you're buying the same brand hardware as your key. I felt like I was privy to secrets and special treatment behind the desk. 

July 27, 2014

It looks like a circle of trash, but it's the start of our dining room table purchase. This barricade will prove if a six-foot round is manageable in our daily house traffic.

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