Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two Night Stand.

We really haven't been doing much in the vein of house projects with the wedding looming so close, but we still owe updates on some major projects, including a 8-foot fence and garden that didn't happen overnight. 

This post isn't about that, though. 

This is about a quick update that made a major impact on our relatively ignored bedroom. We painted this room early in the "making-this-house-our-home" process, added curtains that I've yet to fix (the hem needs to be taken out for the change in height), and included the midcentury dresser I picked up at Salvation Army. We've added one piece of too-small art and accessorized the dresser a bit, but I can't show you that because the dresser is holding everything that used to be in the office while we procrastinate building a desk. 

In that time, we had two TV-dinner stands serving as night stands and one lamp. This was an obvious problem for a number of reasons, but mostly for the clutter.  With no drawer, books, lotion, mouthguards, weird arm workout things were on the floor when they wouldn't fit on the small top. Even when they would fit on the top, they were unsightly. No one needs to see a mouthguard.

It should also be noted that these things weren't our style. We didn't like the lamp's shape, and though my refurbishment of it helped, it was in a rough state after multiple moves and less than careful packing. Free lamps don't get the same perks. It was also always dusty since poking rags through the wires was less than effective and akin to painful torture.

The first round of updates involved a pair of medium gourd lamps from Target, in river birch. They were a present from Zach's generous cousin, and as soon as we got them, I snatched a couple shade options because I've been having less than great luck with them and their rotating inventory. Is it just me or are they trying to get rid of drum shades? We went with medium drum shades in white for these.

They immediately improved the room, tying in nicely to the walls (Ben Moore's Rockport Gray) and the curtains, and provided the coveted reading light. We both had lamps! They pointed out a big problem that still remained - the tables weren't any larger and space was an issue. Obviously I didn't style these pictures, but I want you to know that we do have a bedspread. It's quite nice, but not as cool in the windows-open nights. I thought it would be, and am willing to give it another chance, but just managed to wrestle it into a vacuum-seal bag. The teal Target blanket, another wedding present (thanks, Bri!) and an afghan (because I'm still cold) work perfect. 

Patience is not my strong suite. I believe in fate a little too much when it works in my favor, and when Target was having a furniture sale, paired with a couple gift cards from my shower, I took it as a sign that we needed to grab the side tables before Target took them from us. Is it obvious that I'm emotionally scarred from the Target registry experience? I can't tell you how many lamps I've had to replace because they're out of stock two months after. I wasn't willing to lose the tables.

The Target Threshold side tables work perfectly in the room. The color (picked by Zach) pops very nicely against the grays (and won't clash against the teal so much once the comforter's back, I promise). 

Apart from that, they're functional! Nearly everything fit in the drawer, apart from the spray bottle that's used as defense from starved cat beasts at 4 AM. We don't have to see our mouthguards anymore! 

Should I explain the things in the drawer? The vaseline is a pro tip from Jennifer Aniston. She uses it under her eyes at night and I'm a loyal listener, or very gullible magazine reader. The Idiot's Guide to Being a Groom was a gift from Zach's neighbor, and he's actually found it useful enough that we're gifting it to other engaged and wedding planning couples. That strange device is the arm workout thing that I've never seen Zach use. 

I love this shot. Everything's working so well together and everyone's the star. For two days, I was repeating, "They're just so great!" in reference to the upgrade. I realize I'm too enamored with this lamp and table combo. 

Now we're focused (that's used loosely) on finishing the headboard, and then we can show one full wall of the bedroom! We still have to move stuff from the corner. So maybe we'll make that desk. 

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