Friday, May 30, 2014

Read This: Volume XV.

I'm recapping some things I read this week that I found interesting, not to force you, because I can't, but because sharing is caring. This also holds me accountable and keeps me from zoning out on Pinterest every hour.

  • I would've shared this last week, had I not skipped. It's about that overturned tractor trailer in Delaware and the bees. I know I'm more sympathetic to bees than most, but this article highlights how fragile their colonies are without a queen, and emphasizes our delicate agricultural situation.
  • I'm not picky on my wine, as long as it's red. Growing up in a family where we had to finish our meals, I'm also one to push through a bad wine. Zach is a big proponent of the 'life's too short to drink bad wine' motto, so I'm learning to recognize it.
  • I have no idea what's spawned this, but I have a burning desire to be a paper flower aficionado  So this link is more for my future reference. It'd just be really nice to have flower decorations that don't fade every week.

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