Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Emboss like a baws.

You might have to read that title phonetically. I tried.

I made my wedding invites. I didn't think twice about it, which in retrospect, I understand the faces people gave me when I said I was taking that on, too. I loved the process, but was worried throughout that the homemade invitations would veer toward the boring side. Without a laser jet background picture, or any graphic design experience, and the necessity of so much information, it's a fine line.

Embossing is a deceivingly easy way to make something homemade look less like a pasta-and-glue project and more like expensive stationary. Just as with cookies, the ingredients matter. I found that this VersaMark ink pad was the best, as was the Adirondack embossing powder. I used two heat guns in the process, and didn't notice a difference. I started with this pink one, but had to replace after my cousin's puppy knocked it off the counter. So maybe it's plastic and cheap. I replaced that one with this blue one, which is actually cheaper. 

Once you have those, you're ready. 

First, stamp your paper. I used the clear ink mentioned above and this bee stamp.

Immediately, cover your stamp in the embossing powder. It helps to have a tray to catch the excess.

Shake off the excess. I flick the back of the paper while holding it over the tray, and in the case where there's still a bit hanging on, I use my nail or a knife to scrape it off. Anything remaining will be embossed.

Turn on the heat tool and keep it moving slowly around the stamp about six inches above the paper. You'll see the powder melt into the smooth embossed finish.

Practice! It's easy to burn the stamp and powder, resulting in little white dots within the shiny finish. Make sure the outline of the stamp is crisp and clean for a perfect finish. Regardless, I'm sure you'll impress everyone.

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