Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nailed it.

I'm diverting off home progress today to bring you a nail polish update. For the past couple years, I've been making a more concerted effort to understand what I'm slapping on myself or my environment. Allergies and hyper hives spurred it originally, but it made sense - you react to your environment, and to some extent, you can control it. So I've been trying to do what I can.

Mostly, this just means finding more environmentally-friendly cleaners and using a lot more vinegar. It's not life-changing, but my sister does call me a hippie sometimes. 

One such discovery was that most nail polish has a recipe to kill you. I can't offer much more than that as I learned it years ago and was fairly content with understanding that, and that there's an alternative - Zoya. Note - not paid or perked, just a big fan of their deals.  

That being said, I didn't convert immediately, mostly because I don't have that kind of money to just throw away my stock and replace, but also because some of my favorite colors weren't in the mix. I don't know if Zoya stepped up their color game in the last few years or if I was just oblivious and overwhelmed by all of their colors named after girls (probably the latter), but this past weekend was it. I fully converted. I'm all-Zoya, all the time. I should probably note I notice no difference in wearability/chipping/anything. They last just as long as any other quality polish I've tried (OPI, China Glaze, Essie).

This is decidedly more pro-Zoya than I wanted it to be, so I'm going to jump to the original purpose -  showing you two side-by-side comparisons of the last two non-Zoya nail polishes I was holding onto because the similarities impressed me. Nothing more. I will gain nothing if you buy these.

Zoya's looks a little pinker in this picture to me, but as I type this, my nails definitely look purple.

It's a pale purple, as it's supposed to mimic lilac, if you didn't pick up on that already. That's one of the worst things about Zoya though - in no way do I associate lilac with someone named Marley, and I have no idea how I found this shade, or any other one, really.

This mint is dead-on. The paint's still wet on my nails, and that's the only differentiating factor. Same color, just half with formaldehyde, half without.

I'm still impressed. Now if only that spring sale would launch.

PS - Here's the Zoya blog. Way back when, I signed up for some sort of email, and quarterly, they usually run a deal where you pay shipping and get three nail polishes. That normally means $12 for three, which is a steal in my book. I can't guarantee any of this because, again, they only know me as they girl that swindles these deals by signing up with every email address. 

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  1. PPS - with the happiest of coincidences, Zoya's doing an Earth Day promo now, offering to take your old nailpolish and dispose of it properly in exchange for a discount on their polishes. Again, still not paid to say this, just got a text from my sister this morning and we use any excuse for more nail polish.

    Here's the site -


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