Wednesday, April 16, 2014

House Tour: Spring 2014.

We're overdue for a house tour after a winter of updates. Ironically, I don't really detail any of those updates here. I did kinda learn how to make a video, albeit very quickly and very poorly. 

It's split into two files for one of three reasons: it's large; I talk a lot; I was trying to be slow and not nausea-inducing.

First, the outside (front) and downstairs:

Second, the outside (back) and upstairs:

Apart from me fumbling through a description of items, there are:
- guest appearances by both Henry and Copper (and they're both sleeping)
- a look at the pallet coffee table we made and never shared
- the whitewashed fireplace that we haven't shared
- basically the basement, which I don't think we've ever shown here
- a last look at the washer and dryer, which broke shortly after filming and are past recovery
- a generally wide range of voice inflection because that's what I do when I'm narrating my steps and I'm home alone.

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