Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blinging my ear-ring.

I want to update you all on the bathroom progress, but I keep adding one more little thing to the list, believe that I can complete it timely and then update, but all of that's a lie. There's still painter's tape on the wall and I'm between coats of paint on the trim. Next week, maybe for real. I'll clean the tub and get pictures of the actual status, not a couple weeks behind, or future renderings on the walls. 

A bunch of months ago, when I was in the middle of still enjoying wedding planning, I saw a post on making fancy ear cuffs on Honestly WTF. Apart from their shininess drawing me in like a magpie, they seemed easy enough and would solve my accessorizing problem. I jumped on it. 

I followed the most of the suggested links, purchasing the good Swarovski crystals from here, the settings from that same place (otherwise, here), and the gold tubing from here. I bought earring posts and backs at a local craft shop and the E6000 adhesive on Amazon, along with this dumb piece of plastic that has since proven infinitely useful in the glittering of cards, embossing of paper, and even sorting crystal rhinestones.

First, all of the crystals had to be put into settings. It was an incredibly delicate task, fitting the stones just so in the center of the setting. 

I then used the flatnose pliers to carefully bend down the prongs. I worked around opposite corners. I smashed three crystals in the process and took this one out-of-focus picture.

Once all the crystals were set, it was earring time. I flattened the gold tube into a flat arch with the pliers (probably would've been easier with a hammer), and secured it to the earring post with the E600. I poked the post into cardboard to hold it upright. 

I gave that a full day to dry, but that was probably just because it was bedtime, followed by work time, and I didn't want to start earring-designing time and get all caught up in that. I'm really fun. 

SO WHEN THE FUN PICKED BACK UP it was all gluing here, scooting with a toothpick there, trying to make it dry, making props to support the dangling ones, pulling it back off and trying it again. It sounds like I'm complaining, but I liked it. I might be a jewelry maker.

When they were set and to the proper lengthy, I cut off the excess tubing with the wire cutters. I made three sets so my sisters could each have a matching pair, too. Well, matching in spirit. Each is inherently a little different.

They're versatile, too. I tried them up and down, and made my pair (bottom pictures) slightly bigger. Apologies for the nightmares that face may induce, and the horrible lighting. It was an apartment.

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