Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Window to the Oven.

There's really no use in making this post exciting. I cleaned the window to my oven, and it's novel enough to me that I'm going to write about it. It's also something that I've never experienced, which is odd in my lifetime of living with an oven.

When we moved in, our oven was gross. We cleaned it multiple times, but the front still looked like this - 

I found myself apologizing for it anytime someone came in the kitchen, explaining that it wasn't in the oven, and that I didn't know what to do about it. But the food's safe to eat. There were streaks of grossness weren't inside or outside the oven - they were in between the glass, in the door. How it got this way, I don't even way to imagine. It's nasty, and even a towel on the handle couldn't adequately keep it covered. Or I just knew it was there.

Finally, I got sick of it and went looking for a way to permanently fix it. I flipped down the door, and there were three screws. I didn't know what was what, so I just went about unscrewing any that I could get a grip on with a phillips head screwdriver. It turns out, the top screw (pointed out with an arrow below) was all I needed to undo to pop the door apart, and drop off the handle.

I kept my toolbox under the door to keep it from falling on the ground completely. That seems like it's easier than trying to hold it on and screw everything back together. I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The door popped open once those two top screws were out, like this:

I cleaned it with Windex and a vacuum. It was oddly dusty in there. When that was done, I wound the screws back in and folded the door back up.

I'll give you a moment to pull your jaw back off the floor. Right?! I promptly moved to towel storage options because I'm on a constant mission to de-clutter the room that it apt to be the dumping ground. 

I wanted an under-counter sliding towel rack. My parents have one and it seems to fit the bill: hides and holds towels. I couldn't finding the sliding version for the price I wanted (it was at Home Depot for $35), but I found this Decko #38190 Swing Arm Kitchen Towel Rack, Chrome for $7. That was much better. 

I bought that baby plunger because I thought we would need one designated for the kitchen sink. I don't think we do, but I go nuts when I'm in Lowe's.

It came with two screws, instructions on what size drill bit to use (I love that) and three functional, swinging arms. It's perfect. It holds the dish drying mat and a towel so easily, with room for one more.

And that is the only update to the kitchen thus far. But oh, what a wonderful update it is.

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