Friday, March 28, 2014

Read This: Volume VIII.

I'm recapping some things I read this week that I found interesting, not to force you, because I can't, but because sharing is caring. This also holds me accountable and keeps me from zoning out on Pinterest every hour. 

This week is brought to you almost entirely by Zach. Some days, he sends so many articles that I question what he does at work (just kidding), and then that's all I read because they're coming in fast and furious. We're running the gamut here.

  • Biggest Star of March Madness is an 8-Year-Old Girl Fighting Cancer. In basketball, I'm a State fan first, loyal to the alma-mater, Ohio State, second. In a world where college athletes are highlighted for their missteps, this is a story of MSU's star and his friendship with a local girl fighting cancer. Their relationship is beautiful and genuine, and just so sweet. 
  • Caesarian Section Performed on Multiply Pregnant Turtle. I have a love/hate relationship with science and medicine sometimes, because I think we create problems and fixes and it can be a never-ending cycle. But when you can take a turtle to a hospital and they can perform a c-section to save her and the babies? That's pretty cool. 


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