Thursday, February 13, 2014

Striped Heart Cards.

I'm posting this with almost no time left before the holiday. This is such a quick and simple card that if you're waited until the last minute and cringe at the stores' Valentine's Day card offerings, then you're in the right place and you're just in time.

Paper-Source has found my home address.  This is both dangerous and delightful.  In the most recent copy, I particularly liked these scalloped ombre hearts. 

Rather than shell out the $20, which would've definitely been more as I shop for free shipping, I planned to make them myself. Last night, I realized that I don't have fancy scallop scissors. So that plan was scrapped. I kept with the layering idea and multiple colors to make simple Valentine cards.

To start, I cut a heard out of card stock. I like wonky hearts, so I free-handed it, trimming until it was more than less symmetrical.  Next, I smeared some glue on the bottom third.

I cut out strips of paper in varying widths from scrap pink, red, navy, and purple paper. I started layering on the strips with no real plan.

I continued layering until my heart was covered. Next, I flipped over the card and trimmed the overhang, to bring that heart shaped back into focus.

Lastly, I traced, cut, and glued a piece of yellow paper to make the back more finished (and to cover those smudges). 

I like the look of the navy blended in with the brighter, more traditional colors. I also liked that this didn't involve the creativity of hedgehogs with hearts. 

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