Friday, February 7, 2014

Read This: Volume I.

I'm not entirely efficient at work, especially when it's 10 PM and someone updated their Tumblr. In the ever-prophetic words of Cher Horowitz, I'm going to read one non-school book a week. A book's a large goal, and she didn't really have the Internet back then, so I'm adapting and saying I'm reading instead of zoning out on the Aurora Borealis. 

Tomorrow's Innovators Need Challenges and Opportunities Today by Rebecca Bagley on Forbes, talks about the 24-hour fashion tech hackathon that Zach had a huge hand in coordinating this past week. I'm proud :)

America The Irritable by Roo Ciambriello at Neon Fresh talks about Sunday's Coke commercial and the ensuing American response. My favorite line: Evolve.

The Window is the Spring 2014 Barney's campaign and its accompanying story and biographies make my heart happy. 

Shampoo Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making may be further convincing me to switch to this shampoo. I'm more and more conscious of all the products I used daily, the associated synthetic ingredients and their negative side-effects. 

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