Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Calendars and Cards.

One of my mum's common laments (see also: lack of diet coke, Nero the great dane, and not having a chauffeur) is that she never remembers to send out birthday cards. Her best friend is awesome at it, sending them for birthday, anniversaries, and momentous occasions, but the dates always sneak up on Mum. 

Veronica came up with an awesome Christmas present, one that made her cry. We're not cruel, it's just how we know she actually likes something. See here and here if we still sound more like devil spawn than thoughtful children.

With the help of Shutterfly (note: not paid to use them, just convenient with all of the Coke points we stock) and friends/family, we created a calendar with pictures of the individual on the dates of their birthday/anniversary. 

Sorry for the poor-quality photos.  True to form, I'm blogging about this one-month after the fact, so I had to enlist Mum in taking pictures and we're getting iPhone quality. Also, we know it's February. February didn't have as many faces as January, so we thought that'd be more helpful.

To accompany the calendar, and to really make this gift thoughtful, we made cards.  Birthday, anniversary, new baby - all 60 iterations of foreseeable 2014 events. This was the frustrating, but more rewarding part of the present. Also true-to-form, we locked ourselves in a room and crafted late into the night. 

We picked up this box at JoAnn's.  I have two similar ones that I grabbed months prior, and they were on sale, so I was hoping for the same luck.  Unfortunately, that was temporary and we shelled out the $20 for this case, but it really fits cards nicely, has dividers so we could separate between events, and is versatile if we ever find a better storage solution (I have crafty things like glue guns and glitter in mine).

We added stamps to the box as well, because that was surely to be the last hang-up in timely greeting delivery.  Agains, enough stamps to fit all of the events. 

Mum loves this and has been timely on all celebratory messages for January and the first two weeks of February! The only item I think we should've added to make this better would be an address book.  I'm kicking myself for that, too, because I have almost every address through the despair that is wedding planning. 

Another great bonus to this project is that we have a built-in present for the future.  We can make more cards, add a cute address book, make future calendars.  Those presents won't have the same shock-value as the first, but it's fairly impossible to be that impressive all the time anyway. 

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