Monday, December 2, 2013

Picture This: Week 48.

I started a picture-a-day project with the new year. My intent is to try and appreciate every day, the good and the bad. I'm posting weekly recaps of the past seven days. It's a fun way to  recap the week, and keep me motivated for the next week. By throwing it up to the interwebs, it's a not so subtle reminder to myself that if I'm laying around all week and taking pictures of my feet poking out of a blanket as I watch Clueless for the millionth time, I'm going to bore everyone to sleep. Not that that's not my idea of a good time - Clueless, I mean. That being said, it's rarely ground-breaking, but I couldn't handle that anyway. It's a log of my life, and a gentle reminder to myself that life is a gift and I should take advantage every day. Does anyone else do this? I'd love for you to share! You can start anytime, too - a new year doesn't have to start on January 1. I'd love to nose around your life and live vicariously. In the least creepy way possible. And PS - my sister does this as well, but I'm losing faith in her ever updating her blog. Check out my past weeks through the "picture-a-day" topic link on the right. PPS - It's here! Stephles created a picture blog!

November 25, 2013

I moved to Ohio on Monday, and with the help of my mum and sister, the living room was set up in a matter of hours (complete with holes drilled to feed the router wires through the bookcase). It's just one room, and there are still boots in the middle of it, but so helpful in making this house feel like a home.

November 26, 2013

I crashed on Tuesday. I was supposed to be uber-productive before we left for the holiday, but I took a nap and got way too involved in a Hulu original series: Behind the Mask. It's about mascots, and this high school kid, who was a cedar tree, was hilarious. 

November 27, 2013

I love baking pies; it's my favorite part about Thanksgiving. I love these pie dishes (from Crate and Barrel) even more. 

November 28, 2013

My sister Veronica started "life presents" a couple years ago. The concept is that we should give each other presents when the mood strikes us, not when we're mandated by a holiday (except a birthday, because we love birthdays).  I was surprised by this little elephant ring, and I love it! I'm thankful to have two amazing sisters, with whom I feel close even when we're not physically together. 

November 29, 2013

Nero, my great dane nephew, is growing like a weed. He's now 33 inches tall and 115 pounds. He's a terror, but so sweet at the same time, and just loves to cuddle.

November 30, 2013

We took Copper and Henry, my sisters' cats, from my mom's house on Saturday to live with us in Ohio. Here, they'll be safe from the aforementioned terror, able to run around free and not hiding upstairs. So far, they're growling at the deer. It's a step in the right direction. 

December 1, 2013

I apologize if every picture here on out includes a cat. Zach was trying to take pictures for Craigslist, but Henry and Copper are so clingy right now that they're always in your face. Thus the ribbon dance break. 


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