Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Cheer.

Amongst all of our home projects and travel, we did a bit of holiday decorating to make our house feel more like a home. 

When we moved in, one of the items we were lucky to inherit was a gaggle of Christmas lights. Unfortunately, when Zach was untangling them, bulbs were shattering and bursting left and right. Neither of us had experienced anything like this before, and we're seasoned pros at untangling lights, so we tossed them.  It should also be noted that we're weary of any inherited items after the electrical nuances we've found in the house.

We called it a loss and planned on skipping lights this year with so many other necessary and pressing expenses. However, on what seems to be a daily trip to Lowes, we were swayed by the decoration section, and picked up three boxes of lights. Zach misread the length, so we needed more lights, and now we have the front lined with lights.  

I also picked up a star at Lowes. It's plastic, with its points twisting and snapping in place. I'm a sucker for a star, and knew this pretty would look awesome in our front window. Henry agrees and loves it just as much. She's not even concerned that it could harpoon her (it won't, though that is Zach's fear).

We set up our tree and decked it with ornaments mostly from the past year of travels.

We're going strong with our fake tree from Rite-Aid a few years ago, though I'd love to get a more-real looking fake tree, a tree with its root ball that we could plant (but I'm concerned how one keeps it alive through the winter), or a real tree. So basically, any tree but this tree with sparse branches.

Zach attempted to set up a train, but it was complicated and Copper was horribly freaked out. He's already stressed out with his first time at life in a new house, so we figured we'd skip that this year. 

You can see we've slowly but surely replaced the newspaper mapping with actual frames, too. Just in time to paint. 

Henry quickly taught us that plastic ornaments would need to be placed near the bottom. 

I pulled out some ornaments (from my defunct ornament wreath I've been meaning to reassemble) and plopped them in the shell and in a vase.  The holiday trees and pinecones also made it out. You can check out their tutorials here. As I'm looking at this now, I could probably use some pine or holly to swag those bookcases. I need that. I probably need to find a place for all the random items scattered about, too.

In our kitchen window nook, which we found to be too cold for plants (I hope the aloe makes a miraculous recovery), I clustered the sweater vases.  I had some sparkle sticks, eucalyptus, and berry sticks from years past, but picked up the gold bobble and sparkle pine from Lowes. That place, I'm telling you.  Magical.

My Lund horse founds his place here, too. He might now make it back to the decoration box, he looks that good.

Otherwise, I still have decorations to unpack, but they'll have to get in line behind the boxes I have left to unpack.

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